Da Brat Urges Fans Struggling w/ Mental Health To Get Therapy: You’ll Fold At The Wrong Time If You Don’t Find A Release

Da Brat

Da Brat Urges Fans Struggling w/ Mental Health To Get Therapy: You’ll Fold At The Wrong Time If You Don’t Find A Release

Rapper and radio personality Shawntae “Da Brat” Harris spoke with music industry veteran Shanti Das to discuss her self care, music, and mental health.

During the conversation, Shanti Das opened up the discussion on mental health revealing her involvement with the illness through her organization, Silence The Shame. She then asked Da Brat about her thoughts on the importance  of taking care of ones’ wellness and metal.

Da Brat replied:

I think it’s very important, especially right now, because people are stressed out. They don’t know where to turn or what to do. [Unaware] if these checks are coming or if they’re not coming; if the president tripping, or what’s going on. They tell us one thing than do something else. I think, like really focusing on mental health is very, very important because you have to get that stuff off of you. It’s just important that you go and talk to somebody.A lot of black people feel like I AINT GOTTA TALK TO NOBODY, I AIN’T CRAZY, I AIN’T GOING TO SEE NO COUNSELOR. It’s not even about that. What they don’t understand is that the people you talk to like counselors and therapist; they don’t have any emotional attachment to you so it okay for you to unload all your sh*t off on them.

She continued:

 When I got into my incident and got in trouble, [I] didn’t realize [that] I had all of this built up anger and all this stuff in me because I never talk to anybody. I felt like I was strong enough to hold everything in and be this machine and hold everything down. After so long, that stuff build up and it will come out AT THE WRONG TIME. So when I finally talked to somebody, I was like ‘Oh My God’. I never grieved the death of my grandmothers, I never cried, so many things that happen in my career […] just a whole bunch of things. You keep it build up [thinking] Imma get through this, I’m strong. You will just fold at the wrong time if you do not find a release.  So if you don’t workout, if you don’t do something to release, then TALK TO SOMEBODY.

Da Brat

Shanti Das then indulged into the topic of self care. She asked Da Brat about the things that brings her back to her happy place.

Da Brat responds:

SMOKE! I like to go for walks. I like to do anything that makes me laugh. If I’m around somebody that’s cracking  jokes or good at cracking jokes[…] somebody that is just stupid. I like to feel good. I like for people to make me laugh. I like to feel loved, like, all of that. All of that is very important during these times and all [of] those things bring me back to my happy place: my dogs, my loved one’s, my baby(entrepreneur Jesseca Dupart), just people who have good genuine heart and that great spirit like my friends. People who feed your soul and you feel nourished, and inspired, and motivated. Otherwise, the conversation to me ain’t worth having. I just appreciate good spirits with motivational and inspirational vibes. If I can’t pull something from you then maybe I can give something for you to pull for me […] I just like to make a difference one way or another.


Da Brat, Jesseca Dupart

Da Brat left the viewers with a few gems about maximizing time while social distancing during America’s current pandemic.

She said:

Figure out what you want to do with your life going forward because once this is over, something is going to happen. So, whatever it is, be prepared to do what you want to do. Have it all set up. Have it mapped out. Have your diagram, or your vision board, or whatever it is that you [are] going to do that inspires you to keep moving. This is like almost being in jail, having to sit still and  time just wasting. So, you have nothing but time to tighten your SH!T up and get yourself together. There’s no reason that none of us who are talented, giften, went to school, have a trade, or some type of fu*kin education can’t get out here and do something and make something of ourselves. This is the time we have right now to get it together. If you don’t then you stupid.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones