50 Cent Calls For Starz Boycott Until His Shows Return: ‘Somebody Made A Big Mistake’

50 Cent

50 Cent Calls For Starz Boycott Until His Shows Return: ‘Somebody Made A Big Mistake’

50 Cent has taken his issues with Starz to a new level by calling on fans to cancel their subscriptions.

The rapper took to Instagram to complain about his issues with the network following the conclusion of Power Book IV: Force Season 1. He is upset that he won’t have a new show on Starz for the next six months and urged subscribers to cancel their memberships until then.

50 Cent re-posted a video from radio host DJ Pharris, in which DJ Pharris made a plea to listeners to get rid of Starz. He said:

“I know you saw the last episode of Tommy [Egan]. You saw ‘Force’ right? That’s it. It’s over. It’s a wrap, so check it out. No 50 on Starz for six months, so we’re shutting it down. No Starz for six months. That’s right you heard me. No Starz for six months till 50 come back. When ‘BMF’, Tariq [St. Patrick of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’], Tommy, and all that come back, that’s when we come back. See y’all in six months.”

“Somebody made a big mistake, but let’s just act like we don’t see it Chicago,” 50 Cent said in the caption in part.

He also shared a similar video from DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club. In it, DJ Envy said he also wasn’t “messing with Starz” until the network put another one of 50 Cent‘s shows on.

“Until you fix it with my guy Fif and do what you gotta do the right way, we ain’t messing with you,” he continued.

DJ Envy encouraged viewers to keep a lookout for a “real estate show” he and 50 Cent have coming out in the meantime. He did not share specific details but clarified it won’t be on Starz.

In addition to the Power shows and BMF, Starz is home to series like P-Valley, Hightown, and Outlander.

That said, will you be deleting your Starz subscription? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Chelsea Stewart