Shaq Says He’s Programmed Not To Cry Or Make The Same Mistake Twice: I Don’t Have Time To Feel Emotion


Shaq Says He’s Programmed Not To Cry Or Make The Same Mistake Twice: I Don’t Have Time To Feel Emotion

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is getting candid about his emotions, or lack thereof.

According to the Lakers giant, his successful lifestyle has put him in a position to provide for people close to him, and feeling too many emotions could put it all in jeopardy. During a sit-down with sports reporter Taylor Rooks, 29, basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal, 50, claimed that he’s been programmed not to cry or repeat the same mistake twice.

After Rooks asked the famous big man about the absence of emotions in his life, Shaq explained:

“I’ve only cried three times in my whole life. “

The sports personality then corrected himself, stating that his former teammate Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing is actually one of only four times he’s ever shed sad tears in his life. He stated:

“My mother, my sister, and Kobe. – Four and my father, that’s it….Sad cries”


Rooks continued the conversation, questioning the effects of Shaq’s supposed emotional handicap. The reporter asked if Shaq believes being programmed not to cry prevents him from feeling emotions at all. The Inside The NBA host responded:

“I don’t have time to feel emotions…Because when you’re put in a certain position you have to make sure everybody else is ok.”

He continued and shared that he feels responsible for many people, including the mothers of his children.

“I have two lovely women that I’m responsible for. Even if they’re in a relationship I’m responsible for you…I have six children that I’m responsible for. I have a mother that I’m responsible for. I have one remaining brother, one remaining sister that I’m responsible for. Before I think about myself I have to think about them…Only thing I got time to do is smoke my hookah and watch some Netflix.”

Shaq shares four children together with his ex-wife, Basketball Wives star Shaunie O’Neal, and additionally parents one of Shaunie’s children from a previous relationship and another daughter of his own.

During a previous interview, Shaq revealed that he often struggles with falling asleep. While chatting with Shaq, Taylor mentioned that his “sleepless nights” could be due to him “ruminating on things” that have happened to him. He replied,

“When you’re real, you realize where you messed up. I live in a 30,000-square-foot house by myself. You don’t think I know I messed up?”

(You can watch Taylor’s full interview with Shaq below.)

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Authored by: Kay Johnson