Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Allegedly Used Charity Funds To Pay Her Brother & Father Of Her Child

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Allegedly Used Charity Funds To Pay Her Brother & Father Of Her Child


New tax filings revealed how Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent charity funds.

According to reports, the Black Lives Matter Foundation paid nearly $4 million in consulting payments to its board secretary, co-founder Patrisse Cullors‘ brother, and the father of Cullors’ child. The former leader previously said that her sister, mother, and brother were employed with the Black Lives Matter Foundation. But new financial filings revealed Paul Cullors is paid more than dozens of other employees.

According to tax documents, the co-founder’s brother, Paul Cullors, was paid $840,000 for allegedly providing security services to the nonprofit organization. It has also been revealed that the organization paid a company owned by Damon Turner–with whom Patrisse Cullors shares a child–almost $970,000 to help “produce live events” as well as other “creative services.” Patrisse told sources last week,

“While my brother is the head of security, and my mom and sister did work at the property, there are also dozens of people who work in the organization that is black folks and are doing amazing work.”

Patrisse Cullors and her brother Paul

BLM Global Network reportedly brought in $77 million in contributions during its 2021 fiscal year, and it ended it with $42 million in assets. It also handed out $25 million in grants. According to a board member, the foundation had an operating budget of about $4 million. More than $37 million was spent by the foundation on grants, real estate, and charter on private flights, according to the tax filings.

The 63-page Form 990 document which is an annual filing required for nonprofit organizations to maintain their tax-exempt status, shows Patrisse Cullors reimbursed the organization $73,523 for a charter flight. The foundation insists she took the flight in 2021 out of concern for the COVID-19 pandemic and the health risks that come with it.

News that Patrisse Cullors’s brother receives the greatest compensation at BLM comes on the heels of mounting criticism toward the ex-leader of the organization. After back-to-back controversies, Cullors resigned last year as executive director of the organization amid criticism over her lavish lifestyle. The tax filing’s released closely follows the controversy over the purchase of a $6 million property in Los Angeles.

Patrisse Cullors – thejasminebrand

As previously reported, Patrisse Cullors admitted she lied when she previously denied throwing two parties at the organization’s $6 million Los Angeles mansion. At the time, Cullors said the property was purchased by BLM to serve as a meeting venue and campus, exclusively for official foundation business. She also issued a statement denying suggestions she had lived at the property or taken advantage of it for personal gain. It was recently revealed that she hosted her son’s birthday party and a gathering to celebrate President Joe Biden’s inauguration at the six-bedroom mansion which was allegedly purchased in cash by BLM in October 2020.

A red flag that seemingly emerged from the tax records shows that Patrisse Cullors was the foundation board’s sole voting director and held no board meetings. Shalomyah Bowers, who serves as the foundation’s board secretary had this to say:

“This 990 reveals that (the BLM foundation) is the largest black abolitionist nonprofit organization that has ever existed in the nation’s history. What we’re doing has never been done before…We needed to get dollars out to grassroots organizations doing the work of abolition, doing the work that would shift the moral tide of this world towards one that does not have or believe in police, prisons, jails or violence.”

The foundation has since vowed to launch a “transparency and accountability center” on its website to make its financial documents available for public inspection. Since Cullors’ resignation last May, BLM’s board member Bowers said the organization has been working to sort out its infrastructure and has underwent an independent financial audit.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole