Venus & Serena Williams’ Father Says His Estranged Wife Forged His Signature To Become Sole Owner Of Their Childhood Florida Home

Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Richard Williams

Venus & Serena Williams’ Dad Says His Estranged Wife Forged His Signature To Become Sole Owner Of Their Childhood Florida Home

Richard Williams, father and coach of tennis stars Venus & Serena Williams, is going through a messy divorce.

According to Radar Online, Richard Williams, 80, was recently subpoenaed in the case of his estranged wife’s bankruptcy filing. Lakeisha Williams, 43, reportedly filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in February of this year, to save the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida home where Venus and Serena trained to become champion tennis players. The home was purchased by Richard Williams in 1995.

Richard, Venus, Serena Williams

According to reports, Richard claims his soon to be divorced wife forged his signature to have his name removed from the homes property records. The accusations were made against his estranged wife after the pair filed for divorce in 2017. Lakeisha has maintained her innocence.

Richard and Lakeisha lived in the home together for nine years prior to their split. After divorce papers were filed, Richard reportedly move out of the home while Lakeisha stayed. Reports also state that a creditor filed a $427,000 claim over the home that Lakeisha listed has assets worth of $682,00 and liabilities totaling $491,000. Both Richard and Lakeisha were subpoenaed by the creditor to testify about the filing. The home was due to hit the open auction days prior to the bankruptcy filing.

Richard & LaKeisha Williams

Back in March we reported that Venus and Serena’s stepmother asked a judge to stop her pending divorce from their father. Lakeisha alleged that the two were still engaged in sexual activities, and the union was not “irrevocably broken”. There have been no reports of Richards responding to Lakeisha’s claims at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson