Azealia Banks Throws Her Microphone & Gets Booed Off Stage At Miami Pride Event

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Throws Her Microphone & Gets Booed Off Stage At Miami Pride Event

Azealia Banks has found herself at odds with the LGBTQ community once again.

Problematic rapper Azealia Banks, 31, has landed in hot waters due to her questionable actions during her Wynwood Pride performance in Miami over the weekend (June 10). After reportedly arriving hours late, performing only four songs from her headlining set, with her breasts fully exposed, she went go off on the organizers and the event promoters for their alleged unprofessionalism. She said,

“For the last good, like, month and a half, I’ve just been being f—ed with. I’ve been being f—ed around with, you know? Set time’s been move and like, ‘Oh, you’re headlining. No, you’re not headlining. Now you’re not this.’ I’m really not happy to be here.”

The crowd at first appeared to sympathize with her throughout the rant, but after the crew cut her mic off, booing erupted from the concertgoers. This seemingly caused Azealia Banks to toss her mic and leave the stage. As she was walking away one fan appeared to throw a drink at her.

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Although she reportedly identifies as bisexual, Azealia has come under fire on more than one occasion for her use of homophobic and transphobic language.

During her rant on stage, the rapped also called the promoters ‘cheap’ for renting ‘old speakers’ and ‘old mics’ for the festival.

“Like, what kind of mic is this even; you know what I mean?’ she continued, before adding, ‘Yea – no, no more old equipment. Let’s step it up, especially when I have the girls out there performing and singing, and doing all that.”

After the video surfaced online, music fans had a field day on Twitter following the event. See a few reactions below.


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Authored by: Da-Shaa’ Arthur