Queen Latifah Reflects On Going To A Gay Club With 2Pac: We Were Probably High


Queen Latifah Reflects On Going To A Gay Club With 2Pac: We Were Probably High

Queen Latifah and Tupac Shakur used to have fun back in the day! 

In a recent interview, Queen Latifah, 52, reminisced about a specific night she spent with Tupac Shakur after being shown a photo of them.

Queen Latifah said:

“Oh my God. Oh man. We were backstage somewhere, huh?”

The actress/rapper then explained:

“Me and Tupac were pretty much label mates. I was signed to Tommy Boy Records. Digital Underground was signed to Tommy Boy Records. Initially, I took Treach on the road as my roadie. Treach went on to head Naughty By Nature and Tupac was pretty much a roadie with Digital. And he became a rapper in the group and made up the Humpty Dance, and they made the song ‘The Humpty Dance,’ which Tupac created the dance to and it became a smash hit.”

Queen Latifah

Digital Underground announced “The Humpty Dance” in 1990. The track hit number one on the Billboard Rap Singles chart. Since then, the song has been sampled multiple times by hip-hop artists. In the video, Tupac Shakur is spotted in the background as a roadie and a background dancer for Digital Underground. Dancing was one of the many talents Tupac had.

The 52-year-old continued:

“We toured together. So we went all across the country. San Francisco doing a show. My first show over $10,000 which was a New Years Eve show at this cool gay club in San Francisco. I was like ‘yo I’m here.’ He was like ‘yo Ima hook up with you.’ So Tupac came to the club with me and I was like ‘yo Tupac is in the building!’ They went crazy in there. I was like ‘they gon’ tear you out your clothes, come here,’ He was like ‘man,’ he took his shirt off anyway.”

Queen Latifah added:

“We had so much fun, you know? But that was like my brother and he would like, he’s the type of person, if he loved you, if he was cool with you, he’d lay his life down for you. So, I miss him and I love him. Good times. And we were probably high.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill