Tamar Braxton Says ‘It Will Happen & I Welcome It’ While Sharing She’s Reconciled W/ All Her Ex-Co Hosts From ‘The Real’ Except Loni Love




Tamar Braxton Says ‘It Will Happen & I Welcome It’ While Sharing She’s Reconciled W/ All Her Ex-Co Hosts From ‘The Real’ Except Loni Love

Tamar Braxton seems to be in a happier place in her life despite being fired off of talk show, “The Real.”

In a recent interview, singer Tamar Braxton discussed reconciling with her co-hosts from “The Real.” As previously reported, after hosting the show for three years, from 2013 until 2016, Tamar Braxton was fired from “The Real,” the reasoning for her termination is still unclear.

Braxton, 45, says:

“Well I’ve only connected with Adrienne and Tamera. A lot of people think that Jeannie and I had beef, we didn’t. Like when everything happened she was the most vocal out of everyone behind the scenes and that’s not something that people know.”

Tamera Mowry


Braxton continues:

“And I never said anything because I didn’t know if that was something she was comfortable with. And I wasn’t gonna be like ‘oh well Jeannie told me –’ ‘but Jeannie did –’ and I appreciate her for that because she didn’t have too.”

The 45-year-old singer adds:

“I think Adrienne is an amazing human being and I’ve learned a lot from her because, you know, with her relationships with females she’s taught me how to truly let things go and not have beef but not have any affiliation.”

Braxton clarifies: 

“But I love her! No. We don’t have beef, and we do have affiliation! I’m not talking about her, but she taught me that and that was big in my life.”

Adrienne Bailon

Braxton discusses where her relationship is today with Loni Love, who was speculated in playing a role in Braxton’s termination. Braxton says:

“I haven’t seen Loni.”

Loni Love, Tamar Braxton

Braxton admits:

“I don’t feel like that’s a conversation that needs to be pushed.  I feel like God hasn’t allowed us to come face to face or come into that you know, situation, because it’s not time. You know what I mean? Whether it’s for me or for her. I don’t necessarily need to have a conversation with her to forgive her because I already have and I don’t have to have a conversation you know, for the public.”

She adds,

“You understand what I’m saying? So I feel like everything is in God’s divine timing and order and when that comes time you know, it will happen, and I welcome it, you know? So, that’s where I am with it.”

Tamera Mowry-Housley, Tamar Braxton

Braxton then says:

“And also, I wanna say Tamera, cause I didn’t mention her, and I know how social media is, because I didn’t mention her. Tamera is a phenomenal human being and she’s one of the first people who reached out to me after Tracey passed. Tamera gets sisterhood and she gets when you and your sisters don’t always agree on things and that’s where we truly really bonded and I just really appreciate those relationships that’s come out of a show, that I thought of laying in my bed, and knew that it was necessary and I’m just grateful for the memories and all the success of it.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill