Michael Che Wins Copyright Suit After Being Accused Of Ripping Off A TikTok Series

Michael Che

Michael Che Wins Copyright Suit After Being Accused Of Ripping Off A TikTok Series

A New York judge gave Michael Che favor over a young woman’s claims that he took a sketch idea from her.

Michael Che won a copyright suit that alleged he ripped off the idea for his TV show’s “homegrrl” segment from a TikTok video series called “HomeGirl Hotline” from a woman named Kelly Manno.


The world would be a better place if the HOMEGIRL HOTLINE was a real thing ?? props to @sam_from_bear on his acting debut ?? #homegirlhoodie

? original sound – Kelly Manno?

Manno sued Che, NBCUniversal, and various producers of Che’s HBO comedy sketch show “That Damn Michael Che.”

According to reports, the ruling states that Manno’s jokes are too abstract to be protectable under copyright law.

Manno claimed that Che copied jokes in videos she created about a service that allows customers to “summon a homegirl” to fight on their behalf. She also tried to argue that her video and his sketch had the same themes of “violence and vengeance.”

The judge found that the premise regarding the “need for a homegirl” in the two videos are not the same. The court also found that Manno failed to argue that any of the elements of her TikToks are protected under copyright law.

U.S. District Judge Hon. Denise Cote also rejected Manno’s claims that their characters were similar, stating that,

“The two characters are dressed differently; the only apparent similarity is that the characters are both women and both wear sneakers. Such generic and common characteristics cannot serve as the basis for an infringement claim.”

Manno urged the court to allow her to obtain expert testimony before they delivered a verdict, but Judge Cote refused.

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Authored by: Sunny Morgan