Judge Judy Says She Had ‘A Bill & Melinda Gates Divorce’ With CBS & She Felt Disrespected By Network

Judge Judy Says She And CBS Had ‘A Bill And Melinda Gates Divorce’

Judy Sheindlin (aka Judge Judy) is opening up about her departure from CBS after 25 years of her popular court show on the network.

As previously reported, the 78-year-old ended production last year of her show “Judge Judy” and is taking her talents to Amazon’s IMDb TV, for a new show called Judy Justice.

Judge Judy Sheindlin

In a recent interview she said that prior to her departure from CBS, she felt “disrespected” by the network. She specifically sited an example of when some stations moved her other court show, Hot Bench, to secondary channels to make room for The Drew Barrymore Show. She explained

“You disrespected my creation. And you were wrong. Not only in disrespecting my creation, but your gamble in what you put in its place.”

She continued,

“We had a nice marriage. It’s going to be a Bill and Melinda Gates divorce.”

In 2017, Sheindlin sold Judge Judy’s 5,200-episode library, as well as rights to future episodes of the syndicated program, to CBS for an estimated $100 million.

Judge Judy’s new series is set to start filming later this year.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams