Ray J Wants To Record New Version Of ‘One Wish’ W/ Sammie, Says He’ll Give Him ‘Ownership’ Of The Potential Collab 

Ray J Wants To Record New Version Of ‘One Wish’ W/ Sammie, Says He’ll Give Him ‘Ownership’ Of The Potential Collab


While fans are still reeling in from last week’s heated Verzuz Battle, it looks like Ray J and Sammie have made amends!

Although Mario and Omarion were the headliners for Thursday night’s (June 23) Verzuz battle, fans were treated with two shows in one, as Ray J, Bobby Valentino, Sammie, and Pleasure P were featured in the pre-show segment.

Omarion Mario Verzuz

Omarion, Mario

The men were split into two groups, with Ray J and Bobby V going toe-to-toe against Sammie and Pleasure P in a chaotic showdown that has since received lots of attention and countless comedic memes. Each singer performed their hit songs during the mashup, but unfortunately for Ray J, 41, he seemingly missed hitting the notes to his classic song “One Wish.”

As a result, Bobby V, 42, Pleasure P, 37, and Sammie, 35, teamed up as a trio to hit all of the off-key notes Ray J missed.

On Monday night (June 27) Ray J, Sammie and Bobby V went on Instagram Live to hash things out. The trio joked about why Ray J was outsung on his own hit song. During their chat, Sammie shared he thought he was helping Ray out because he seemingly had too much to drink. Although there was plenty of trash-talking going down during their Verzuz pre-show performance, it was all in good fun and the singers praised one another’s talents.

The conversation went so well that Ray J even offered Sammie the opportunity to create a new version of “One Wish.”  He added that if they team up to record a remake of the hit song, he’ll give Sammie ownership of the record. He said,

“I feel like Sammie did a great job with the vocals…how about we do a new version of “One Wish” it’s your version. I’ll support it and I’ll give you ownership of that song.”

Sammie was thankful and reminded Ray J that he made a low-blow comment when he judged the “I like” singer for not owning the masters to his music.

Ray J continued and revealed that his sister, singer/actress Brandy, was not too pleased with his vocals during his Verzuz performance.  Ray explained,

“I gotta make up for what happend, because Brandy is pissed!”

When Bobby V suggested that Ray J redo his performance to show people he can sing “One Wish,” Ray replied,

“I gotta make up for it because the antics and all the stuff that was happening, and I was lit. To singers that take the singing seriously, they need more.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole