Brandy Seemingly Explains Why Ray J’s Vocals Struggled During ‘Verzuz’ Battle

Ray J, Brandy

Brandy Seemingly Explains Why Ray J’s Vocals Struggled During ‘Verzuz’ Battle

Brandy is always in big sister mode for her brother Ray J!

This week (June 23), music enthusiasts across the world had the opportunity to watch their favorite R&B singers go hit-for-hit in an extended “Verzuz” battle. Fans were entertained all night long as multiple artists were able to grace the stage with a pre-battle before the actual event, Mario versus Omarion.

Omarion Mario Verzuz

Omarion, Mario

The pre-battle featured Ray J and Bobby V versus Pleasure P and Sammie. Although this isn’t the first time “Verzuz” has hosted an R&B-themed match-up, Mario versus Omarion might go down as the most eventful R&B battle to date.

Each singer performed their most hard-hitting tracks during the bonus round, but unfortunately for Ray J, 41, he seemingly missed hitting the notes to his classic song “One Wish.”

Ray J

As a result, Bobby V, 42, Pleasure P, 37, and Sammie, 35, teamed up to hit all of the notes he missed as a trio. In addition to his colleagues, social media had a field day of clowning Ray J.

The following day of the “Verzuz” (June 24), the “One Wish” singer took to Instagram to repost a video of fans remaking his poor vocal performance.


In response to the clip, R&B icon and older sister Brandy, 43, added an explanation as to why the singer fell short of hitting his notes. Ray J deleted her comment at first, which prompted the songstress to comment under her brother’s post again. Brandy explained via an IG comment and wrote:

“Since we deleting comments, I will comment again! Bro, Pops told me that you didn’t drink none of the tea I made for you. He
also told me that you were talking all day when I specifically said NO TALKING and only drink
water and the special tea I made for you at 4 in the freaking morning. Caught!!! If I had one
wish, you would listen to your big sis sometimes and especially for @verzuztv, but I’m hot as [fire]. Lord have mercy !!! Smh- when I
get off of vocal rest, we are gonna have a serious conversation. And I’m gonna screen shot this comment in case you try and delete it again- and I will post again. Lol.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely