Lil Baby Stops Concert To Make Sure A Fan Was Okay After He Was Shoved Off The Stage By Security

Lil Baby

Lil Baby Stops Concert To Make Sure A Fan Was Okay After He Was Shoved Off The Stage By Security 

A fan was almost injured after interrupting Lil Baby’s performance. 

Recently, Lil Baby, 27, took the stage to perform his hit single “On Me.” Concertgoers were having a great time when the performance was interrupted by a fan hopping on stage attempting to touch Lil Baby, born Dominique Jones. However, the unnamed man barely got to touch the rapper before a security guard sent him flying off of the stage. 


OOOOHHHHHHH LilBaby’s security sent this man flying for getting up on that stage! ??????? *Baby stopped the show to make sure he was okay!*•

? original sound – Rick Boston

Lil Baby eventually stopped his performance to make sure the man was alright. Fans became impatient and started chanting “restart,” seemingly hoping the rapper would perform the song over due to the interruption.

Lil Baby walked to the end of the stage and asked the fan:

“You alright?”

After Lil Baby received confirmation from the fan that he was in good condition he resumed the show with his hit song “We Paid.”


? original sound – Lil Baby

There’s no doubt that the Grammy-award-winning rapper inspires a lot of people. As previously reported, an up-and-coming rapper named Lil Man J has been getting attention for sounding like Lil Baby after releasing a song called “Cap Freestyle.”

Lil Man J addressed the claims of him copying Lil Baby. The 17-year-old white rapper from South Carolina said:

“Trying to be black, I’m as white as can be/ I’m the white Lil Baby, no one harder than me.”

Lil Baby heard the song and wasn’t too fond of it. He commented under an Instagram post with the music video and said:

“Is this a joke or he serious?”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill