Rapper Styles P Steps In As Woman Is Arrested Outside His Juice Bar, Calls Police A ‘B*tch’

Styles P x Police brutality

Rapper Styles P Steps In As Woman Is Arrested Outside His Juice Bar, Calls Police A ‘B*tch’

Styles P is for the community —at least that’s what the people are saying.

The LOX rapper (real name David Styles) stepped in while cops arrested a woman outside of Juices For Life, the New York juice bar he owns with fellow group member Jadakiss, on Tuesday (July 12). Video footage of the incident shows Styles P as he intervenes, using profanity toward the officers and accusing them of being too harsh on the perceived victim.

Both Styles P and the woman recording can be heard telling the person being handcuffed to “loosen up.” It’s also revealed that it’s a woman being handled in such a harsh manner.

While Styles P received a lot of applause for his actions, he admitted on Instagram Live on Tuesday night that he lacked good judgment and needs to set a better example for the younger generation. He emphasized that he doesn’t hate law enforcement, just the mistreatment of all people and the placement of police officers in communities they don’t understand.

The New York native said,

“Now, look. On behalf of all young black people who seen the video, I was wrong because you have to be careful with what you do and how you speak out here because we’re all at danger. But we also gotta kinda step up when we see sh*t being done wrong.

He added,

“I definitely should’ve delegated it better and usually, I actually do delegate it better. To be honest with you, I go through that a lot, but most of the time, it turns out in a positive manner, so there’s never going to be footage of it.”

According to Yonkers police, the woman involved was detained for recklessly operating an unregistered moped. She is said to have been fleeing and when officers caught up, she resisted, prompting the officer to use a conventional take-down technique.

A use-of-force investigation was reportedly opened before video footage of the incident began going viral on social media, but so far,

“The early stages of this investigation reveal that no strikes were used at any time during the incident and no force was used after handcuffs were applied.”

In a tweet issued on the same day of the incident, Styles P sent out

“Peace and blessings to all”

Styles P x police brutality

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Authored by: S. G.