R. Kelly Blames Ex-Wife Drea Kelly For Deviant Behavior & Being Estranged From His Children

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R. Kelly Blames Ex-Wife Drea Kelly For Deviant Behavior & Being Estranged From His Children

R. Kelly is now blaming his ex-wife for his sexual behaviors and his ongoing estrangement from his three children!

RadarOnline has obtained the psychiatric evaluation report submitted to the court by R. Kelly’s lawyer. As previously reported, a doctor sat down with the singer for multiple sessions where they discussed a wide range of topics such as his childhood abuse, sexual preferences, and his past relationships. R. Kelly, 55, and his legal team hoped that the report would sway the judge in giving him a lesser sentence. However, it did little to convince the judge, and the “I’m A Flirt” singer was ultimately sentenced to 30 years in prison after he was found guilty of sex trafficking and racketeering.

 According to reports, the psychiatric evaluation revealed that R. Kelly seemingly blames his ex-wife Drea Kelly, 48, for his deviant sexual behavior and for being estranged from his three adult children– Joann, 24, Jaah, 22, and Robert Kelly Jr., 20.
In the report, the disgraced singer claimed his wife’s dream to be a dancer interfered with their marriage. R. Kelly says he met Drea Kelly when she was hired as his choreographer. He told the doctor that they dated for a bit before he cut off all other women. R. Kelly says the marriage ended because Drea wanted to pursue her career in dancing,
“which was something they had discussed prior to the marriage.”
Kelly claims Drea had
“agreed to be a housewife and raise the children prior to the marriage.”
In his session, R. Kelly also admitted to being estranged from his children and blamed his ex-wife as the culprit. The doctor said the ‘Ignition’ singer believed the estrangement from his children was due to his ongoing conflict with Drea Kelly.

Later in the session, R. Kelly reportedly admitted that his “problematic sexual behaviors” had caused him significant social consequences. He said those included an inability to sustain a romantic relationship, an inability to maintain a platonic relationship, and his estrangement from his children. The report stated,

“Mr. Kelly stated that his sexual history related to conflict with his ex-wife of subsequent estrangement from his children.”

The singer and his ex-wife were married from 1996 to 2009. Since their split, Drea Kelly has publicly spoken out about their marriage and has accused R. Kelly of being abusive throughout their relationship.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole