Young Thug’s YSL Trial Judge Reprimands Prosecutor Following Heated Exchange w/Rapper’s Defense Attorney: ‘Just Stop!’

Young Thug’s YSL Trial Judge Reprimands Prosecutor Following Heated Exchange w/Rapper’s Defense Attorney: ‘Just Stop!’

The court case of rap star Young Thug and his YSL group continues to intensify.

At a hearing this past Thursday (March 14th), the court judge and bailiff were forced to intervene after a heated back-and-forth exchange between the prosecution and defense.

Young Thug

Reportedly, prosecutor Adriane Love argued to have a detective’s testimony included as evidence. However, Judge Ural Glanville, who has overseen the trial since it began last November, had already ruled that the testimony was inadmissible. Despite the ruling Love, as seen in the video, continued to press Glanville, prompting Young Thug’s defense attorney Doug Weinstein to cut her off, trying to keep things moving.

After Weinstein chimed in with his remarks, Love grew agitated at not being able to complete her argument. As the defense attorney began talking, the prosecutor directed her attention to Glanville stating:

“Your honor, I’m sorry, I’m talking about…I don’t know why I am being interrupted. I did not stop.” 

Her remark prompted the court bailiff to intervene, stating:

“Ms. Love, both y’all can’t talk at the same time.” 

As Love continued, an irritated Glanville stepped in, chastising the prosecutor for not accepting his ruling. He stated:

“You both need to just take it down a notch…You continually engage in this pattern of behavior Ms. Love. You don’t wanna accept my ruling, and I know you’re being an advocate, but at some point stop. Just stop. I’ve made my ruling! Good, bad or indifferent to you. You’re gonna win some, you’re gonna lose some.”

If you recall Young Thug, born Jeffrey Williams, 32, and several of his YSL associates are being tried for gang-related charges. Some of the allegations include possession of drugs with intent to distribute, possession of firearms, and being a person employed or associated with a criminal street gang to conduct or participate in criminal gang activity through the commission of a crime. Thug’s fellow Atlanta-based rapper Gunna, born Sergio Kitchens, 30, is also being tried. He was released from prison last December, however, after pleading guilty to some of the charges.

Presently, Thug remains behind bars after his attempts at bail were repeatedly been denied. The trial has been riddled with delays and interruptions and still appears to be a ways from coming to a verdict. During one of the last hearings, the “Best Friend” rapper was identified as the gunman of a 2013 shooting in a 911 call that was played in court. The rapper’s defense, however, argued the evidence shouldn’t be considered as the woman who called the police said she didn’t witness Thug herself pull the trigger but was told by someone else that he’d shot the victim.

We will continue to update as the case moves forward.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson