Regé-Jean Page- The Russo Brothers Believe British Actor Should Be The Next James Bond

Regé-Jean Page- The Russo Brothers Believe British Actor Should Be The Next James Bond


The Directing duo Anthony and Joseph Russo believe Bridgerton actor Regé-Jean Page should be the next James Bond!

Since his breakout role as Simon Basset in the Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix show Bridgerton, Hollywood has been keeping a close eye on Regé-Jean Page. The actor’s talent and good looks seem to have won over directing duo, Anthony and Joseph Russo. So much so that the pair believe Page would be great as the next James Bond–replacing Daniel Craig as the new 007.

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During a recent interview, the brothers mentioned how they can see the actor being the next James Bond. Joe Russo explained,

“He’s fantastic. I mean, he has more charisma in his pinky than most people do in their entire body. So you know, we’d watch him do anything – I mean we’d watch him read the phonebook!”

Anthony Russo added,

“[He’s a] very savvy performer and [has] so much charm.”

Since starring in Bridgerton– which earned him an Emmy nomination– Regé-Jean Page has appeared in big-budget films like The Gray Man, and Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.


With Page’s name being mentioned as an option, it looks like there may be some stiff competition with landing the lead role as the next James Bond. As previously reported, Idris Elba has been a long-time consideration for the leading role. Despite taking a step back from his run to replace Daniel Craig, it was reported last month that the British actor is back in consideration to suit up as agent 007. Reportedly, producers have realized how popular Idris Elba is after carrying out secret market research. The “Luther” actor is ranked highly among the diverse group.

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In January, actor Michael B. Jordan found himself in the middle of a fan debate. An image was shared online that featured multiple actors including Michael B Jordan, 34, Regé-Jean Page, 33, Idris Elba, 49, Daniel Kaluuya, 32, Tom Holland, 25, and Chris Hemsworth, 38. The text located on the post read,

“Who should be the next James Bond?”

After the question went viral, Michael B Jordan became a trending topic on Twitter as numerous people expressed that they don’t think the ‘Creed’ actor is ready to play James Bond.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole