Jadakiss Says The LOX Verzuz Victory Helped Him Renegotiate His Contract W/ Def Jam

Jadakiss Reveals The LOX Verzuz Victory Helped Him Renegotiate His Contract W/ Def Jam

It looks like Jadakiss was met with opportunities on the other side of The LOX’s Verzuz battle win against Dipset.

During an interview with Complex, Jadakiss, rapper and member of the rap trio The LOX, revealed his personal price for appearances increased in all areas of the music industry following the Yonkers native single-handedly destroying Dipset during their New York Verzuz rap battle. In addition, The LOX saw a 215% increase in streams. Jadakiss shared,

“My numbers went up for hostings and walkthroughs, for shows, and TV cameos. Just in general my numbers went up.”


The 47-year-old New York rapper also spoke on securing a big win for his career following The LOX’s victorious battle over Dipset. He claimed the battle win between the legendary rap groups ended up helping him renegotiate his contract with Def Jam. Born Jason Phillips, Jadakiss said,

“It also showed Def Jam that they got to do the right thing [and] restructure my contract. It really showed the world my true worth, what I can do.”

Although Jada’s price skyrocketed and his music career is elevating, The LOX member is seemingly ready to move on from the battle and prove his worth with new music. He explained,

“The best part is being able to benefit financially and branding-wise, and get more deals and endorsements, but it’s cool. I already was nice before Verzuz. I’m going to let people know that on these new projects that I drop. But yeah, I don’t want to be stuck in that. I was already killing sh*t before Verzuz. That was just the reminder to those that already knew, and those that didn’t know. It’s a blessing, though.”


On August 3rd, 2021, iconic New York rap crews, The LOX and Dipset, faced off in a actual boxing ring at Madison Square Garden. The groups went hit-for-hit to see which rap group’s music will take away hip-hop fans. The Verzuz ended with The LOX coming out on top, led by the undeniable star of the show with his energy and performance skills, Jada.

As previously reported, following the defeat, Dipset member and rapper Jim Jones, 45, called on the Yonkers rapper for a Verzuz battle one-on-one. In response, Jada seemingly declined the offer to another challenge and said,

“I heard him say that but I didn’t entertain it. I don’t think Verzuz would entertain it. I don’t even think the people would want to see that.”


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Authored by: Ariel Whitely