‘RHOA’ Star Marlo Hampton Breaks Down In Tears While Discussing Rough Upbringing In Foster Care: I Just Feel Like I’m So By Myself

‘RHOA’ Star Marlo Hampton Breaks Down In Tears While Discussing Rough Upbringing In Foster Care: I Just Feel Like I’m So By Myself

Marlo Hampton had a tough childhood, and for the first time ever, she isn’t afraid to open up about it.

During part one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Marlo Hampton, was brought to tears while speaking on the struggles she faced as a parentless child.

Marlo Hampton

The conversation arose after host Andy Cohen asked her about the recent visit she’d finally gotten from her biological mother and how that played out behind the scenes.

Growing emotional, Marlo Hampton shared why the subject of her mother had always been a sensitive one to talk about.

“I just need her. Every girl needs her mom or dad, and I don’t think my mom gets it. She’s still not–she doesn’t get it. That was like one of the best visits ever, in years, but she went back to her same, old ways. Not being there, not being a grandmother. But, I hated to talk about it because her childhood was rough. My grandmother didn’t know how to be a mom, so my mom went through a lot. But, still, I just feel I’m so tough, I’m so strong–because I guess I put a shield up–because I had to be [strong], since I ran away at the age of ten. I just feel like I’m so by myself because it’s like, a lot of the girls don’t make me feel worthy.”

Further into the clip, the St. Petersburg, Florida native let us in on her background in foster care and how she survived that traumatic time in her life.

“[At the age of ten], that’s when I ran away from home, and then I went to five foster homes. From the age of ten until I aged out of foster care at eighteen.”

She continued by expanding on why she escaped from home at such a tender age:

“My mom had beat me so bad that day, and I went in the bathroom and bathed my little brother, and I told him I would be back. And he was even mad with me for years because he felt that I never came back for him, but I was ten. But I knew I was just tired of being beat, but I loved my mom, still.”

Following Hampton’s in-depth detailing of her childhood, viewers flooded social media with their opinions.

While some felt a sense of sympathy, others failed to see the genuineness in Hampton’s heart-to-heart with Cohen and the rest of the cast.

If you didn’t know, Marlo Hampton joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a supporting act in season four. However, this season, we saw the fashion enthusiast at the head of the Bravo-produced reality series, as she acquired her well-deserved peach! Season fourteen’s reunion marks Hampton’s first reunion as a full-time cast member.


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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell