Tamar Braxton’s Fiancé Defends Her After His Ex Claims Singer Isn’t A ‘Bonus’ Mother To Their Son, Says ‘Miscommunication Creates A Bad Cycle’

Tamar Braxton, Jeremy Robinson, Anaston Jeni

Tamar Braxton’s Fiancé Defends Her After His Ex Claims Singer Isn’t A ‘Bonus’ Mother To Their Son, Says ‘Miscommunication Creates A Bad Cycle’

Tamar Braxton and her fiancé, Jeremy “JR” Robinson recently announced their engagement to the world and it seems that they’re already defending their love.

Over the weekend Jeremy Robinson took to his socials to defend the “Love and War” singer after the mother of one of his children — Anaston Jeni — called out Tamar for making “no effort” to meet her. Jeni also claimed that Tamar isn’t a “bonus” mother to her 2-year-old child. According to reports, the attorney shares five children with four different women.

In response to Jeni, JR said,

“[Tamar Braxton] has always been an amazing mother and spoiled my children with love!”

He continued

“The [mothers] of my children have been put in the public eye because of me and that’s unfair to them. They have been nothing short of amazing to my children. Sometimes a difference of opinion with no conversation to clear up miscommunication creates a bad cycle.”

JR’s post came after Anaston Jeni claimed via Instagram (on Mar. 17) that Tamar Braxton has only caused drama since she started dating her ex. In a lengthy post, she wrote, 

“I have sat in silence for over a year, respecting everyone’s privacy while they disrespected mine. I’ve sat in silence while this person has come into my son’s life and cause nothing but chaos and unnecessary drama.”

She continued:

“While I will not speak on my son’s other siblings and what type of relationship their father or this woman has with them. Let me be clear for all who know me and all who know them.”

Tamar Braxton, Jeremy Robinson

Pointing out ways she feels Tamar Braxton has been “disrespectful,” she explained:

“This woman is in no way a bonus or step mom to my son. My son does not mean “everything” to her and she has not thanked God for me, & truthfully, none of his baby mamas. She has said demeaning, disrespectful, & outrageous things about how I have chosen to coparent with my son’s father and the efforts I have made to keep him involved. She has made NO effort to meet me, get to know me as a woman or a mother, & has cause my son’s father to miss visitation weekends and birthdays.”

She added:

“I’m fine with people sharing their version of the story that they’ve created for themselves on social media + television, but what we will not continue to do is involve the son that I raise in someone else’s shenanigans.”

Anaston Jeni and her son Asher

In the caption, Anaston Jeni wrote:

“It’s easy to believe one side of the story when no one else is telling theirs. It’s also easy to label women as “bitter baby mama” + call baby mamas opportunists, etc. because that’s what society does.”

She continued:

“But people who know me both on social media and in real life know that I have never been any of those things. I have worked hard for everything that I have & none of it was given to me by my son’s father. I have supported him while he has lived his life to the fullest and have never made disparaging or defaming comments about him on social media. I do not benefit financially or socially by any of this becoming public. I do not desire to be famous or well-known.”

She added:

“That’s not what this post is about today—I just want it to be clear that the picture that is being painted is not real & it is not honest.”

It seems that Anaston Jeni’s post was triggered by a heartfelt message Tamar Braxton shared online for Jeremy Robinson.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill