Ceaser From ‘Black Ink Crew’ Allegedly Robbed Of His Jewelry While In Atlanta


Ceaser From ‘Black Ink Crew’ Was Reportedly Robbed Of His Chains While In Atlanta

Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser was allegedly robbed while in Atlanta Yesterday (September 10). Video footage has recently appeared online of a masked individual claiming that he is responsible for stealing Ceaser’s (full name Ceaser Emanuel) chains. In the video, the unnamed man mentions Ceaser directly while showing off the alleged stolen jewelry to the camera. He says,

“This Ceaser’s sh*t n*gga! Ole Black Ink n*gga, the Black Ink Crew. He know what the f*ck going on! Tell him come tap in. I’m on the West Side if you want your sh*t back!”

According to reports, the man featured in the short video clip is a part of a gang in Atlanta that became angry when Ceaser arrived in the city and didn’t check in with them. It’s unclear if the alleged incident actually occurred or not, however, the chains featured in the video appear to be chains that have been seen before on Ceaser.

On the same day of the alleged robbery, Ceaser shared on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts that he was in Atlanta for a visit.

It’s unclear what the 42-year-old tattoo artist was in Atlanta for, but one of his tattoo shops, Black Ink Atlanta, is located in the city.

Ceaser has yet to confirm or deny the robbery allegations.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel