Brittish Williams’ Ex Lorenzo Gordon Responds To Her Claims That He ‘Somewhat’ Knew About Her Fraudulent Crimes: ‘If You Did Anything Illegal While Dating Me, I Wasn’t Aware’

Brittish Williams’ Ex Lorenzo Gordon Responds To Her Claims That He ‘Somewhat’ Knew About Her Fraudulent Crimes: ‘If You Did Anything Illegal While Dating Me, I Wasn’t Aware’

It looks like ‘Basketball Wives’ star Brittish Williams may have kept her former partner in the dark about many things.

According to retired basketball player Lorenzo Gordon, he didn’t have any knowledge of the unlawful acts committed by his ex, Brittish Williams.

Brittish Williams

As you may know, 33-year-old Brittish Williams was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to a whopping fifteen felonies.

The St. Louis native’s offenses reportedly include several fraud charges, ranging from grimy bank schemes and insurance scams to sending in false tax documents and obtaining CPNs. Additionally, Williams (seemingly) partook in a pandemic-related swindle, in which she was said to have retrieved thousands of dollars on the account of her high-profile business.

While the ex-reality TV personality has since taken responsibility for her misdeeds, in a recent interview with Carlos King’s podcast, ‘Reality with the King,’ Williams opened up about the justice system’s (alleged) agenda to make an example out of her, her extreme gambling addiction, and her then-mate, Lorenzo Gordon’s, stance in the mix.

Lorenzo Gordon and his young daughter, Dash Dior, w/ Brittish Williams

When speaking on whether or not Lorenzo Gordon had any notion of the heinous crimes, she said,

“Yeah. Somewhat. It might’ve been some instances that he didn’t know anything about, but like… most of the time, I would say, yes. Yeah.”

Following Williams’ viral conversation, Gordon spoke out against the claim in a series of Instagram Stories.

Debunking her accusation, he wrote,

“Dear Brittish Williams I saw the interview with Carlos King. I heard a lot of lies. If you did anything while dating me, I wasn’t aware.”

The fitness coach continued by mentioning his advocacy for Williams’ innocence:

“I told the government you were innocent in my eyes. I wasn’t aware of any criminal activity during the years of us dating.”

Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams (2014)

Gordon then corroborated Williams’ story about her excessive gambling. He added,

“I am a man I can always stand on my truth. I made millions during my career. I didn’t retire broke. Gambling was a major problem with our finances. I took you around the world. I brought you cars, purses, trips, businesses, & my career is how you got on TV.”

Gordon also recalled aiding Williams in keeping a storyline going throughout her reality TV stint and produced receipts that accounted for the financial stability that he offered Williams while they were together.

In the interview, Williams recounted her father’s 2017 passing, falling into a money hole, and Gordon’s off-seasons prompting her to seek unethical outlets to keep their affluent lifestyle afloat.

She has yet to respond to Gordon’s statement.

Williams was recently granted a one-month extension for her surrender, allowing her to spend the holidays with her and Gordon’s daughter, Dash Dior, and finalize living arrangements for the minor.

Her turn-in date was (originally) scheduled for Dec. 11.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell