Steph Curry Rumored To Be In Talks w/ Under Armour To Sign $1 Billion Lifetime Deal

Steph Curry Is Rumored To Be In Chats w/ Under Armour To Sign $1 Billion Lifetime Deal


Golden State Warriors’ star player, Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry is reportedly on track to sign a lifetime endorsement contract with Under Armour worth over $1 billion!

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Steph Curry revealed the big news as his current deal with the brand is scheduled to end in 2024. According to reports, the lifetime contract will also include Curry receiving his own subsidiary brand similar to Nike’s groundbreaking deal with NBA icon Michael Jordan.

Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry

The lifetime contract between Under Armour and Steph Curry comes years after the Golden State Warrior threatened to leave the brand for one of its competitors and a lack of “understanding” between the two parties in 2018. During his interview, Curry discussed the friction he had with Under Armour’s founder Kevin Plank in regards to the company’s commitment to his signature shoe in the early stages. The eight-time All-Star said,

“There wasn’t quite an understanding of what it took to run a business like that properly. So, yeah, I got mad.”

Thankfully, things are much better know, Curry joked,

“I don’t have to raise my voice to get mad. That’s the best part about it.”

According to reports, the new deal with Under Armour will only add to Steph Curry’s on-court earnings as he begins his new four-year, $215.4 million USD contract with the Warriors. His potential $1 billion lifetime contract with Under Armour would put him in rare territory, competing with LeBron James and Michael Jordan, who Curry says he could “have as much influence” in the near future.

Lebron James

The NBA star has been receiving lots of good news over the past few weeks!

As previously reported, 13 years after dropping out of school to enter the NBA, Steph Curry finally received his diploma. On Wednesday (Aug. 31), the Golden State Warriors star returned to his alma mater in North Carolina where he was presented with his diploma in sociology.

The 34-year-old needed to complete one more semester of coursework to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Davidson College, which he accomplished back in May. However, he was unable to attend the commencement ceremony. In addition to receiving his diploma, Steph Curry is reportedly the first Davidson athlete in any sport to have his jersey number retired. According to reports, the school has a rule that athletes must have a degree for a jersey to be retired. While accepting his honor, Curry said,

“I get kind of awkward at times when I walk into this gym and see this many people showing up just for me and the celebration of what, you know, the graduation and the Hall of Fame induction and seeing my jersey in the rafters.”
He continued,
“But every single person that I got to play with, that coached me, help me when I was hurt and injured and trying to find ways to get back on the court. All the faculty and staff that supported me through my three years here. I really feel like this is why this matters so much.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole