Update – 2 Men Charged w/ Armed Robbery For Allegedly Robbing Bishop Mid-Service, At Least $400,000 Worth Of Jewelry Stolen [VIDEO]

Update – 2 Men Charged w/ Armed Robbery For Allegedly Robbing Bishop Mid-Service, At Least $400,000 Worth Of Jewelry Stolen [VIDEO]

Update (Sept. 28, 2022): Looks like Brooklyn-based pastor Lamor Whitehead will be getting some justice soon.

According to reports, Two men — Juwan Anderson and Say-Quan Pollack — were charged with armed robbery for their connection to a church burglary that took place in the middle of the service.  According to Breon Peace, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York,

“As alleged, the defendants brought guns into a place of worship, stealing from two members of the clergy, and terrifying the congregation in the process”

Peace added,

“to commit such an act during a religious service is incomprehensible.”

A third suspect is still at large.

Original Story (July 25, 2022): Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead was robbed at gunpoint while live-streaming his Sunday sermon.

Recently, a viral clip of robbers bombarding a Brooklyn minister’s service circulated on social media, leaving fellow users in total disbelief of the unfortunate events.

Reportedly, the incident took place only minutes into Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead’s broadcast from his church, Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries, and the suspects were said to have stolen at least $400,000 worth of jewelry.

Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead

Following the shocking occurrence, Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead went live from his Instagram page to recount what happened.

In his description, he noted that that were a total of three to four Black males who entered the church with weapons.

“As I was preaching, I seen three to four armed men come in [the door]. When you’re a shepherd, right? You have to lead your sheep; you have to lead your sheep, and you have to protect your sheep. When I seen the armed men come in, you know, it was specifically for me and, of course, my wife. When I seen them come into the sanctuary, with their guns, I told everybody, ‘Get down; everybody just get down.’ Right? Everybody get down. I didn’t know if they wanted to shoot the church up or if they was just coming for a robbery. They were all Black men, and they had masks, but I could see their face. And they came in and they took all of my wife’s jewelry and took all of my jewelry, and then they left.”

According to news reports, Whitehead also stated in detail:

“As I got down, one went to my wife and took all her jewelry and had the gun in front of my 8-month-old baby’s face. Took off my bishop’s ring, my wedding band and took off my bishop’s chain, and then I had chains underneath my robe and he started tapping my neck to see if anything else. So that means they knew. They watched and they knew that I have other jewelry.”

The NYPD are currently investigating the crime.

Though traumatized, the acclaimed religious leader has forgiven the attackers. He believes the burglary was committed in retaliation to his quest to aid officers arresting those responsible for the subway killing of 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez a couple of months ago.

Daniel Enriquez

Subsequent to Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead’s ambush, the public has not only questioned the validity of the occasion but also why the high-profile pastor’s jewelry was valued at thousands of dollars anyway.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell