Ari Lennox Reveals She’s Afraid To Fall In Love: I’m Scared To Be Hurt Or Cheated On

Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Reveals She’s Afraid To Fall In Love: I’m Scared To Be Hurt Or Cheated On

There’s one thing keeping singer Ari Lennox from falling in love: fear.

In the recent episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, the show’s special guests were Ari Lennox, Babyface, and theJasmineBrand’s co-owner Jasmine Brand

During their chat, award-winning singer/songwriter Babyface, 64, shared that he and Ari Lennox were working on music recently and trying to figure out what kind of record they wanted to do. He then asked his music collaborator if she’s ever been in love, to which she replied “no.” Ari Lennox added, 

 “Never in my life.”

After Jasmine Brand asked the Pressure singer if she ever thought she was in love. the 31-year-old answered, 

“I think I’m in love the first day, and I see somebody so fine, and they are making me laugh. Like, so I know it’s not love. It’s never been, love. It’s just a lot of romanticizing and delusion.”

Ari continued, 

“I am scared to be in love. I’m scared to be hurt or cheated on.”

Last November, Ari previously shared that she’d never been in love but wanted to be.

During the conversation, Ari also revealed that she’d been hurt in previous relationships. However, she doesn’t feel love is at the root of the heartache. The Shea Butter singer said,

“I’ve been hurt deeply. But, I just haven’t experienced romantic love, that particular [love]. Oh, men have hurt me. I just don’t know, yeah.”

Babyface then asked if she’d ever hurt anybody. After a moment of self-reflection, Ari confessed,

Oh Wow. D*mn. Wow. It’s so hard for me to face my d*mn self. Yes. I’ve definitely hurt. I’m usually the one that breaks up with people because I feel something isn’t right. I think I am an anxious attachment style, and to protect myself, I, uh, or maybe a little avoidant as well, because, to protect myself. But it’s quality bullet points of why I would break up with someone. 

Ari Lennox

As the group dug deeper into Ari’s experience with love, she admitted that she does not stay in relationships long. This may be why Ari’s last reported relationship,  a summer fling with Married At First Sight star Keith Manley, 27, seemed to be over before it started. Nearly a week after the media confirmed the couple was dating, news broke that they split. 

The conversation also made her realize that she approaches relationships like her father, who she said is an “anxiety-avoidant type personality.”

For a successful relationship, she said she would need someone like her mom to balance her out, who Ari described as chill, secure and unbothered. 

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Authored by: Quita B.