Ari Lennox Gets Emotional While Discussing Her Relationship W/ Her Estranged Father: I Really Think It’s Important For People To Be Healed When They’re Bringing Kids Into This World

Ari Lennox Gets Emotional While Discussing Her Relationship W/ Her Estranged Father: I Really Think It’s Important For People To Be Healed When They’re Bringing Kids Into This World

Ari Lennox’s is opening up about what it’s like to not be on speaking terms with one of your parents. 

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club,  Ari Lennox became emotional while discussing the role her father played in her life growing up and throughout her career. After being asked if she felt any extra pressure to make it in the music industry because her dad supported her dreams she said, 

“Wow. No. I think that’s probably – You know what? And it sucks ‘cause we’re not even speaking right now. So we’re not even speaking right now but I do feel like when you instill certain things like that, it really does go a long way. It goes a long way for sure, cause that is the one area in my life where I feel like I did really good.”

The 31-year-old continued and addressed possibly rekindling her relationship with her dad. 

“It’s so much sh*t. It’s so much sh*t. So like, I really think it’s important for like people to be healed when they’re bringing kids into this world because it’s just like that alone I feel like probably enabled, helped me in so many ways like always grinding and sh*t like that. I could also see the other sh*t like you know that I carry and it’s, I’m sure it has to do with the other sh*t you know that you go through trauma and sh*t.”

Ari, born Courtney Shanade Salter admitted:

“I feel like there needs to be a lot of group therapy and of course I wanna continue my therapy alone but I think that would probably be best because I know these are things that I’m even carrying into my dating life, you know what I’m saying? I just don’t wanna have that weight on me and I do wanna be more compassionate because he went through a lot you know, with foster care and abandonment issues and all kinds of like dark things so I do recognize like why he is the way that he is.”

Ari dropped her sophomore album “Age/Sex/Locationon Friday (Sept. 9). The Dreamville Records singer previously shared what the album means to her. She said, 

“I remember the countless times I was kicked out of dating apps because they didn’t think I was really myself, it reminded me of those age/sex/location days where I actually wasn’t being myself in those chat rooms. This is my eat pray love journey. And it’s my honest goodbye to search for love. I got it right here inside of me.”

On Tuesday (Sept. 6) Ari followed up with a message about her album on Instagram. She shared:

“age/sex/location Sept 9th This album is the transitional space before my current eat pray love journey Chloe you are the realest angel. A super legend ready to take over the world that’s rightfully yours. Don’t know anyone who works as hard as you other than cole and lil baby.”

She continued:

“Thank you Lucky, you are my music industry husband lol J. Cole you a real ass n thank you for your production and writing and for singing your heart out on POF, and thank you for your sweet insightful words of encouragement 68 Summer nobody compares to your gentle slayage I love you sister. You’re Phenomenal. Theo Your solo gives me chills every time I hear mean mug. Thanks Angel.”

She added:

“Thank you to all the producers Elite, cole, dzl, wu-10, tim suby, loxe jermaine dupree, brian michael cox, michael bearden, ron gilmore, theo croker, ib, J white, cardiak, slim wave, and Organized Noise And last but not least Elite for executive producing my album. My brother from the same mother, I love you Elite. You sweet angelic best friend you, you make it easy to have so much fun and create the most beautiful soul music. I can’t wait to make many more albums with you. Shout out to my management Mk and matty, I adore you cute sweetie pies. Thank you greatly to Justin Lamotte for all the love and hard work you’ve provided over the years. Love you so much. Dreamville and Interscope y’all are so cute and sweet. I love Y’all.”

Ari Lennox’s sophomore album cover

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill