Ari Lennox Is Dating ‘Married At First Sight’ Reality Star Keith Manley 

Ari Lennox Is Dating ‘Married At First Sight’ Reality Star Keith Manley 

By the looks of it, Ari Lennox has found love!

Ari Lennox brought her new boo to her cousin’s wedding in San Deigo, California. On Wednesday (June 1) singer Ari Lennox, 31, shared footage on her Instagram story of her cousin taking pictures on a beach in California after getting married. She showed off her family, then showed off her date, Keith Manley, 27, who starred in “Married At First Sight.”

Ari Lennox shared pictures of her and Keith Manley seemingly having a good time at the wedding. 

This isn’t the first time that Ari has shared her rumored boyfriend with the internet. She previously posted a picture of herself cozied next to the shoulder of a mystery man. Later on, she shared the full image and revealed the man is Keith Manley.

Keith Manley appears to also be in California. On his Instagram story he shared a picture of himself holding hands with his special lady:


Despite seemingly being together, the pair do not follow each other on Instagram.

We’re happy to see Ari embracing a new relationship. Last November, the superstar opened up about not being able to find love. In a series of tweets She said:

“D*mn. I want to be in love. Never experienced it.”

Replying back to a fan who agreed with Lennox, she said:

“Omg speak facts on the one sided. So it can’t be that I’ve experienced it.”

She continued:

“Two dreams in this life. To be a singer and to experience true romantic love. The older I get I be like how lol. I don’t be satisfied long and I don’t be tryna settle. I guess it ain’t meant for everybody.”

Ari added:

“I want all desire for romance to be sucked out of me permanently.”

The singer concluded:

“I just hate that the romantic love is a passion of mine. I hate that I desire and care for it. I don’t like that. I don’t like who I become when I feel I might have it.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill