Chrisean Rock Releases Sex Tape w/ Blueface After Clips Of Him & Another Woman Hit Social Media

Chrisean Rock Releases Sex Tape w/ Blueface After Clips Of Him & Another Woman Hit Social Media

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s rollercoaster romance just might have come to an end… or not.

Recently, clips of Blueface and another woman (by the handle of TaeTae1104) began to spread like wildfire all over social media. In the short-form video, the two are seemingly cozied up, sharing a few smooches, and even riding around the city together.

Of course, following the revelation that Blueface had appeared to have “moved on” from his situation with Chrisean Rock, most were left confused, as the controversial pair were just recently seen partying it up at Daniel Leather’s Fall/Winter Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week last month.

Days later, theJasmineBRAND also exclusively reported that Blueface and Chrisean Rock were currently filming their own reality show for Zeus Network, which is set to focus on the behind-the-scenes of their press-worthy relationship.

Amid Blueface being spotted with the mysterious female, Rock took to Instagram Live, indicating that she and Blueface had just gotten into yet another fight and were on the way to calling it quits.

The Baddies South star started off with:

“So, I’m pissed the f*ck off, man, and I can’t be with somebody that, that–I just can’t. I’ma go to jail. I had to run a couple [of] quick errands, and I left that n*gga in the room, took his phone. So, yeah! And I’m not drunk. Not even drunk yet. I put that sh*t on my mom.”

She continued,

“How are you f*ckin’ with other broke b*tches? Like, I [could] see if you was f*ckin’ with a b*tch that got some bread, my n*gga. You f*ckin’ with a groupie, a fan! A b*tch that’s [a] fan.”

Further into the conversation, Rock admitted that she almost broke everything in their hotel room–including the TV and the window(s)–and could’ve gotten the authorities called on her.

It’s unclear whether or not Chrisean Rock was directly referring to Tae Tae or not, or when the clips of the young lady and Blueface were even recorded. Additionally, subsequent to the news of Blueface’s supposed new chick, Rock uploaded a mini tape of her and the “Thotiana” rapper engaging in sexual activity to her Instagram Story.

She even went on a Twitter rant, alleging that she was officially done with Blueface and was no longer interested in his love triangles.

Blueface and Chrisean rock

The 22-year-old tweeted:

“Y’all can have him. ChriseanRock is single. Chrisean you are enough.”

However, that was short-lived, because earlier this morning, Rock confessed that she’s Blueface’s best friend, suggesting that she’d always ride or die for him–even if they’re just friends. She also stated that they were great business partners.

Rock wrote:

“It’s not that we are a couple, it’s we are great partners wen it come to money. I’m loyal to the people that’s present for me. I conditionally love Blue. I’m just a great a** friend with great a** p*ssy.”

Meanwhile, according to Blueface’s Twitter, the term “single” isn’t one that he’s familiar with. The 25-year-old said that he’s always kept a couple on his roster, which may include Tae Tae.

But… Chrisean Rock and Blueface have since made up, as her latest livestream (Monday, Oct. 3) saw the couple in bed together, “friends with benefitting” it.

Not much is known about TaeTae1104, but reportedly, she met Blueface online, after she DMed the California native asking for a spot on his web series, Blue Girls Club.

Blueface’s alleged boo

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell