Cardi B & Maliibu Miitch Get Into Explosive Dispute Online, Rappers Reportedly Share Locations To Meet Up & Fight: I Had To Put My Fightin’ Clothes On & Get There, Like D*mn, Give Me A Heads Up Gangsta

Cardi B, Maliibu Miitch

Cardi B & Maliibu Miitch Get Into Explosive Dispute Online, Rappers Reportedly Share Locations To Meet Up & Fight: I Had To Put My Fightin’ Clothes On & Get There, Like D*mn, Give Me A Heads Up Gangsta

Cardi B seemingly has beef with now three female artists featured on Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” remix.

Cardi B

As previously reported, Cardi B and Akbar V got into a heated Twitter dispute last week. The drama seemingly started after Akbar V claimed that Cardi B wants beef with any female rapper who supports Nicki Minaj.

Akbar V & Cardi B

It’s unclear if Akbar V’s claims are true or not. but last night (Oct. 4) Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, got into another Twitter battle with fellow rapper Maliibu Miitch — another artist featured on Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” remix. The drama kicked off after Maliibu Miitch responded to a fan’s prediction that she was going to be the next rapper Cardi attacked for being a Nicki Minaj associate. Maliibu Miitch replied:

“Lolll not saddle up .. Imagine me being the retired gangsta I am saying “oh no someone talked about me now I have to go lay down a hot16 or oh no I was mentioned today let me go tweet my responses” lmfaoo nah nigga now one of us gotta die. ya know I’m from the bronx right?”

Maliibu, born Jennifer Jade Roberts, elaborated:

“I wish I was one of those artist that be like “I’ma take it to the booth” lmfaooo at my grown age I still be thinking the only solution for running ur mouth on the internet is me puttin hands & feets on u in real lyfe this is how I know I’m not right in the head.”

Unclear who she was referring to, she continued:

“Either my dead homies gon be beatin ur ass in heaven or ur dead homies gon be beatin my ass in hell there aint no in between so please nobody ever sub or at me because I grew up with the gangsta’s I can’t go out like that.”

The 31-year-old exclaimed:

“& I’m sayin all this because theres tweets with mad RTs “Maliibu throw ur hands” “Maliibu u next” “maliibu better not she 100pounds” Like first of all I’m 143 & I’m 5’6 lol this a prewarning nobody sub me I be koolin I know how these fan pages make bitches froggy & have em leap.”

The Bronx native added:

“As far as the “nicki aint post ur freestyle or re-share ur video” I been gang about nicki since b4 she knew me we been locked in for a couple years now u think I care about a mention when she gave me so many opportunities since knowin me in 2018 oh please RTs don’t pay my bills.”

According to Maliibu, her loyalty lies with Nicki:

“Me flippin on Nicki is like ur daddy leavin ur mama when u were born … why would I do that? Most importantly why would ur daddy do that?!!!! Lmfao.”

Cardi took to Twitter to retweet fans sharing tweets from Maliibu’s Twitter rant, claiming the rapper is messy and added herself to the “Cardi B hate train.”

Shortly after, the “Be Careful” artist took to her Instagram story, making it clear she was in the Bronx.

Seemingly unphased, Maliibu took to her  Instagram story moments later to share her location which also indicated she was in the same place as Cardi. Maliibu took to Twitter and said:

“Waitin for only 1 hour & dipping is krazziii I hit her earlier she could have hit me with all the details & left it off the internet it be for show … a hour tho? I had to put my fightin clothes on & get there like damn give me a heads up gangsta.”

Shortly after the social media drama, Maliibu claims her posts were generalized and not intended for the 29-year-old. She explained:

“I don’t wanna be in nobody’s f*ck*ng drama. I also got a song coming out with Asian Doll and 22Gz. I don’t wanna be in nobody’s f*ck*ng drama. So everything that I wrote was for in general. For anybody. A b*tch just got out the hospital last night. I’m on f*ck*ng bed rest.”

She continued:

“I wrote that sh*t for any f*ck*ng body. Any f*ck*ng body. But long and behold, the b*tch that stay playing f*ck*ng victim, is gonna retweet it just to get some little f*ck*ng corny sympathy sh*t. If you a gangsta be a f*ck*ng gangsta bro, that’s it. At the end of the day, be a f*ck*ng gangsta. Don’t do all that sympathy sh*t, like ‘oh look, look, she’s the messy one, she’s the problem.’ Bro my sh*t was in f*ck*ng general. In general for anybody, I don’t give a f*ck who it is.”

She added:

“I’m not off the shady sh*t, no none of that, so if anybody wanna link, we could link, that’s why I added her, that sh*t was not for nobody specific, that was in general, like I said. I got a song coming out with Katie Got Bandz and Akbar, they beefin with whoever the f*ck they beefin’ with.”

She shared:

“B*tches be watching b*tches twitter for days on end, days on end, to see who’s gonna say something and who’s not gonna say nothing. B*tch nobody’s f*ck*ng worried about you. I will never be f*ck*ng worried about a b*tch like you. Not ever bro! So yeah send this to y’all f*ck*ng maker.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill