EXCLUSIVE: Activist Tamika Mallory Says Kanye Is Weaponizing Black People To Combat His Failed Marriage & He Should ‘Be Quiet & Get Some Real Help’

Tamika Mallory, Kanye West

EXCLUSIVE: Activist Tamika Mallory Says Kanye Is Weaponizing Black People To Combat His Failed Marriage & He Should ‘Be Quiet & Get Some Real Help’

theJasmineBrand exclusively sat down with famed activist Tamika Mallory to discuss the recent actions of music mogul Kanye West.

According to Mallory, who has been one of the foremost civil rights leaders of this generation, Kanye West’s recent controversial actions may not be coming from a place of true hatred, but more so a strategic weaponization for personal gain. The political media personality sat down with TJB founder Jasmine Brand, where she explained why she believes West’s latest antics stem purely from his failed marriage.

After being asked whether she believed the Donda artist is giving antisemitism, Mallory responded:

“I think that Kanye is upset because he lost his woman, and he’s trying to weaponize other communities to help him fight…his personal battle,” 

She continued:

“In one of the clips from the recent interview he did on ‘Drink Champs,’ he said ‘if y’all don’t want me to where white lives matter T-shirt….then the culture should get behind me when they take my child’….So now what you’re saying is we should be involved in your custody issues, your family business. How many Black men has Kanye helped that can’t see their children?”

Kanye West

As we previously reported, during West’s now infamous interview with N.O.R.E. on his podcast Drink Champsthe rapper made a number of wildly controversial statements. Along with attacking the Black Lives Matter movement and claiming George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose, the Grammy-winning artist also spoke about the alleged behind-the-scene power of “Jewish media” and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. Many have since labeled his comments made about Jews as antisemitic hate speech.

Earlier this year, West had a very public emotional breakdown on social media, claiming his youngest daughter Chicago West had been kidnapped. The child’s mother, Kim Kardashian, allegedly refused to share the location of her birthday bash, as she and Kanye reportedly opted to have separate parties. West doubled down on his claims that his daughter was kidnapped during his recent DC interview, claiming no celebrity friends came to his defense during the ordeal (though Chicago’s future uncle-in-law Travis Scott reportedly did end up giving West the party location).


Mallory continued to drive home her point about the musician only calling on the Black community when its beneficial to him, stating:

“You’re basically weaponizing Black people and basically saying ‘I’ll wear this shirt, which -….now, I believe people have helped him develop some talking points that resonate more with people, but if you remember when he first started – when they asked him why’d he wear the t-shirt, he said that ‘I thought it was funny,'”

She continued:

“He thought it was funny and now he’s developed to the point of ‘if you don’t want me to wear it, then the whole culture should get behind me,’ and that has been his behavior over and over again. When his deals go bad, he wants everybody to fight for him….you was wearing the MAGA hat it was cool, you was over there. Now all of a sudden you have an issue, now you Black again….it’s too much.”


Since the now-removed Drink Champs interview, West has gone on to do more interviews and has been further accused of spewing and inspiring hate speech. The once billionaire reportedly lost the status after Adidas ended their partnership earlier today (October 25th). Other former Ye collaborators including Balenciaga, GAP, Vogue, and Def Jam have also reportedly cut ties with the artist.

Mallory continued her thoughts, ending with a word of advice to the hip-hop icon:

“I think Kanye needs to sit still and be quiet and get some real help. So that he can process his genius….what he’s doing right now….it’s very dangerous.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson