NFL Star Xavien Howard Being Sued For Allegedly Knowing About & Passing On ‘Incurable STD,’ Victim Seeking Over $30k In Damages

Xavien Howard

NFL Star Xavien Howard Being Sued For Allegedly Knowing About & Passing On ‘Incurable STD,’ Victim Seeking Over $30k In Damages

Pro athlete Xavien Howard may be ordered to pay up a hefty sum soon.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the Miami Dolphins cornerback was served a lawsuit recently from a woman who claims she contracted an “incurable STD” from him. Reportedly Xavien Howard and the unidentified woman had ongoing sexual relations, but he failed to update her upon finding out about his positive STD status.

The woman, named Jane Doe in the suit, says she asked Howard for his STD results prior to having sex. Allegedly, the 29-year-old produced negative results in February of 2018 but didn’t inform the woman when that status changed. Reportedly, the plaintiff claims Howard contracted the unnamed incurable disease sometime in 2019, which she tested positive for the following year. The legal doc reportedly reads:

“With knowledge of his incurable sexually transmitted disease, and without disclosure, Defendant Howard continued to engage in unprotected sex with Plaintiff without informing her of same,” 

Jane Doe also alleges in the suit that Howard is “the only individual who could [have] transmitted” it to her, additionally sharing messages from Howard as proof of what happened after she confronted him. Reportedly, the NFL star initially denied the allegations but later fessed up to his actions. Texts sent from the athlete reportedly read:

“Maaaaan I been told you I was sorry for giving it to you….But what can I do now? The damage is done. You keep bringing it up as if it gon change sumthin. Like yo a** can’t move on.”

Xavien Howard

Jane Doe filed the suit in Broward County, Florida this past Thursday (October 27th). Though the exact amount in damages has not been disclosed, it’s reported the woman is seeking somewhere north of $30,000. Howard will seemingly not blink an eye at the amount, as he recently signed an extension with the Dolphins worth $50.691 million, which will see him earning an average-per-year salary of $25.345 million for the next two years.

At this time neither Howard nor the Miami Dolphins have responded to the suit.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson