Journalist Jemele Hill Reads Hate Message From Trump Supporter, Responds: With ALL The Disrespect, F**k Y’all! [WATCH]

Journalist Jemele Hill Reads Hate Message From Trump Supporter, Responds: With ALL The Disrespect, F**k Y’all! [WATCH]

Sports journalist Jemele Hill had a few choice words after she received a threatening message from a Trump supporter via social media. On her show with Cari Champion called “Stick to Sports,” Jemele Hill took a moment to address some of the hateful messages she’s received over her comments about President Donald Trump. She indicated that she has always received hate mail but things have ramped up significantly in recent weeks. She said on her show:

A lot of us have been terrorized. We’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of hatred, a lot of vitriol. I’ve been a professional journalist since 1997. I’ve been getting hate mail since I was in college. Nothing has been like what it’s been like these last 4 years, particularly after I called out the President. This is what came into my Instagram DMs just this morning:

‘Hey you f**king racist n****r b***h. You got a problem with white folk then run your f**ked up b***h a** mouth to one of us and I don’t mean a little kid or a old man and see if they don’t slap the black off your sorry a**. F**k you. Trump will still win. Get the f**k over it or f**king leave.'”


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Jemele Hill went on to say that she understood that this particular message did not indicate that all of Donald Trump’s supporters felt the same, but she said she wouldn’t forgive those who do feel that way.

“Now I realize that does not necessarily mean all Trump supporters are that hateful or that vitriolic, but this idea that we need to turn the other cheek? Hell no. So I say this with ALL the disrespect: F**k y’all. I’m not turning the other cheek. I’m not forgiving you because you’ve terrorized my life, you’ve threatened it, you’ve come after my friends and my family so f**k you. Straight up, no chaser.”

In our exclusive interview with Jemele Hill, she also talked about the death threats and hateful messages she received from people who did not appreciate her referring to President Donald Trump as a white supremacist back in 2017:

“I got a lot of death threats. I had to have security at various points of when I went to do things. I just couldn’t move the way I had always been moving…it was just, kind of, a little anxiety on my part. And then, just professionally, it really changed the dynamic of what I was experiencing at ESPN. I think I started to be looked at as a little bit toxic, and they kind of didn’t know what to do.”

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz