Young Dolph’s Life Partner Shares The Challenges She’s Faced Over The Past Year As The Anniversary Of His Death Approaches

Mia Jaye, Young Dolph

Young Dolph’s Life Partner Shares The Challenges She’s Faced Over The Past Year As The Anniversary Of His Death Approaches

Young Dolph’s life partner Mia Jaye is speaking out as the one-year anniversary of the rapper’s death is quickly approaching.

On Thursday (Nov. 10) Mia Jaye took to Instagram and spoke about the struggles she and her children have faced since the tragic death of rapper Young Dolph nearly one year ago. In an emotional post, Mia Jaye said,

“Today is a week from the anniversary of me losing Adolph, and this almost year has been the most challenging year I’ve ever had to face in my life. And it’s like the closer I get to this earmark … it’s like trying to be positive about something so messed up, it comes to a breaking point to where it’s like it’s really just unfair, man.”

Mia Jaye

She continued,

“With my children, the things that they [are] experiencing is because like they’re going through hurt … I notice what they’re going through emotionally is just unfair. They don’t deserve it, we didn’t deserve it. And it’s like it’s getting thicker and heavier the closer we get…I get so mad…Why do we have to go through this? Why is this something my family has to endure? Because somebody felt it would be better to take someone’s life…”

Young Dolph with his family

Mia added,

“The reasoning behind it, is never good enough. I’m left, the kids are left, the mother is left, the sister/brothers are left to deal with the aftermath of everything…It’s hard to do what I do. It’s hard to wake up and just to be a mom, to be this person, this voice, this woman. It’s just so hard.”


As previously reported, on November 17, 2021, Young Dolph was fatally shot in his hometown of Memphis Tennessee while visiting a bakery. The “Case Closed” rapper was 36 at the time of his passing. According to Young Dolph’s autopsy report, he was shot a total of 22 times.

Earlier this year, Justin Johnson, 23, and Cornelius Smith, 32, were named as wanted suspects for their alleged involvement with Young Dolph’s death. On January 11 reports surfaced that both men were in police custody and are facing first-degree murder charges and theft of property. Smith has also been charged with attempted first-degree murder, unlawfully carrying or possessing a weapon, and employment of a firearm with intent to commit a felony.

Justin Johnson, Cornelius Smith

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the family and loved ones of Young Dolph. 


Authored by: Monique Nicole