R. Kelly Denied 3rd Attempt For Early Release, Judge Says Prediabetes Is NOT A Risk Factor

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Denied 3rd Attempt For Early Release, Judge Says Prediabetes Is NOT A Risk Factor

The third time is certainly not the charm for R. Kelly. The R&B singer has requested an early, temporary release from jail amid concerns of contracting the coronavirus due to his alleged failing health, but the judge in charge of his case has turned him down again.  He is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago while awaiting trial on numerous charges of sex abuse against young girls.

According to reports, US District Judge Ann Donnelly says she doesn’t agree that R. Kelly‘s prediabetes diagnosis is enough to set him free:

“While CDC has identified diabetes as a risk factor for COVID-19, the same is not true for prediabetes, a condition that affects nearly one in three American adults.”

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Apparently, attempts have been made by doctors at the prison to

“implement lifestyle changes like a better diet and exercise, to ensure Kelly’s safety while incarcerated.”

This denial comes after two previous attempts by R. Kelly and his legal team to get him released in light of the coronavirus pandemic. It was recently reported that his attorneys said it was impossible for him to socially distance himself from others within the confines of the jail without the jail knowing actual infection rates. We also reported that allegedly six inmates and seven staff members at the jail had tested positive for COVID-19 and additional positive tests could exist as well.

Additionally, CBS News reports that Judge Ann Donnelly says that the “I Admit” singer is a flight risk and referenced how other judges in areas where he has been charged have also deemed him dangerous.

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz