Future Back In Child Support Court: Mother Of His 9-Year-Old Son Seeks Financial Help Increase + Claims Rapper Does Not Spend Time w/ Their Child

Brittni Mealy, Future

Future Back In Child Support Court: Mother Of His 9-Year-Old Son Seeks Financial Help Increase + Claims Rapper Does Not Spend Time w/ Their Child

Future will pay more child support if Brittni Mealy has her way.

According to RadarOnlineBrittni Mealy, who shares nine-year-old Prince with Future, filed a petition seeking a raise in child support. Reportedly, the rapper has paid Brittni Mealy $3k a month since 2014. However, the Atlanta-based designer pointed out that the rapper’s income has grown considerably since the order was issued, as have the needs of their child.


Furthermore, she sought contempt for Future’s failure to meet a string of obligations that he initially agreed to. In her court document, Brittni stated that the “Mask Off” artist was not maintaining payments for dental and life insurance policies that would benefit their son. For this, she said he was in willful contempt and demanded he is sanctioned.

The filing also claimed that Future,

“did not exercise his scheduled parenting time”

and that Brittni,

“bears the burden of additional expenses for their son”.

As a result of Future’s alleged lack of physical care for Prince, Brittni was forced to pay for daycare expenses on her own.

Two months following the petition filing, Future filed a lawsuit to debunk his ex’s claims. The 38-year-old demanded Brittni’s request be halted and the child support remains unchanged. In the appeal, he argued that he had,

consistently and timely paid his child support obligation.” 

Additionally, he stated that the original order addressed his travel schedule specifically. It has since changed and may impact the previous visitation agreement.

The document read,

“Respondent/Father is currently employed in the entertainment industry and same employ requires that he engage in substantial travel and this his hours of employ vary based upon his employment requirements.”


While Future may have been able to fend off those accusations, he did confess to one thing, admitting he hasn’t been paying for dental care. However, he said it’s now being handled.

Brittni’s allegations came on the heels of a verbal dispute between the two. She claimed that he threatened their son. However, later she retracted the claim via social media.

Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Cash, has eight children. The rapper recently changed his last name from “Wilburn” to “Cash.”

He shares Jakobi Wilburn with Jessica Smith, Londyn Wilburn with India J, Prince Wilburn with Brittni, Future Wilburn with singer Ciara, Hendrix Wilburn with professional dancer Joie Chavis, and Reign with model Eliza Reign. The mothers of children Kash and Paris are publicly unknown.

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Authored by: Quita B.