Saweetie Says ‘I’m Not Finna Address No Bullsh*t Online’ While Revealing Upcoming Single ‘No Reception’ Will Discuss Drama From This Year


Saweetie Says ‘I’m Not Finna Address No Bullsh*t Online’ While Revealing Upcoming Single ‘No Reception’ Will Discuss Drama From This Year

Rapper Saweetie is addressing all her problems in the booth.

The self-proclaimed ‘Icy Girl’ says the ongoing internet drama, seemingly surrounding her alleged relationships, will be touched on in a forthcoming single. Saweetie, born Diamonté Harper, 29, has been the center of several social media rumors lately.


Back in November of last year, the Pretty B*tch Music artist sparked dating rumors with fellow rapper Lil Baby. Reports that the two were dating soared after it was speculated Lil Baby treated the West Coast native to a $100k shopping spree. Social media users got their detective skills on after Saweetie posted a pic sitting on the lap of an unidentified person. This followed her very public breakup with Migos rapper Quavo a few months earlier.

Users were convinced the mystery man was Lil Baby, noting he had on a similar pants-and-shoe combo in earlier pics posted to his page.

However, Baby vehemently denied the rumors, as he was seemingly attempting to rekindle things with his on-again-off-again partner Jayda Cheaves at the time. The former couple, who share a son, ultimately split shortly after the Saweetie scandal. Things died down momentarily until Saweetie made a guest appearance on fellow rapper Yung Miami’s talk series “Caresha Please.” During the episode, Saweetie gave a rare comment about the breakup with Quavo, claiming she thought they’d last forever.

Following the episode, the Migos head huncho seemingly responded in a song. Quavo insinuated that Saweetie had slept with one of his “dawgs,” rapping:

“I said, ‘Caresha please’ ’cause she too messy (Woo, please)/B*tch f*cked my dawg behind my back, but I ain’t stressin’ (Not at all)/You wanted the gang, you shoulda just said it, we would have blessed it (You shoulda just said it)/Now sh*t got messy (Uh).”

For a short period of time, social media users speculated that former Migos rapper Offset was guilty of violating the bro code. Users suggested the alleged relationship between the two is what caused Migos to disband.

However, the rumors were short-lived after Baby seemingly addressed the whole situation on his own album, rapping:

“I don’t want your b*tch we can’t swap out.”

“I’m tellin’, I’m braggin’ her around/She post a picture without my permission/Got me in some sh*t, man, these women is wild/She f*ck*n’ n*gg*s, but think I don’t know/That sh*t really a joke man, lil’ mama’s a clown”

To which Quavo seemingly responded with an Instagram post:

Now, Saweetie who has been mostly mute about all the drama, says she will address everything in her coming music. During a recent interview she stated:

“I do have a song called ‘No Reception’…its a freestyle just getting off everything that’s been in the media this past year,”

She continued:

“For me, I’m not finna argue with you online and I’m not finna address no bullsh*t online. Sometimes I be looking at stuff and I be like y’all can’t be serious….it’s just so outrageous….y’all can’t be making this stuff up but since y’all want to I’m finna address it in the music.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson