John Legend’s Porsche Intruder Arrested for Attempted Grand Theft Auto In Los Angeles

John Legend

John Legend’s Porsche Intruder Arrested For Attempted Grand Theft Auto In Los Angeles 

John Legend was close to getting his Porsche stolen.

According to reports, Los Angeles police arrested a man who entered John Legend’s Porsche while he was inside of a recording studio. Police claim that the luxury sports car was parked outside of the studio when the intruder broke in and searched for a way to start the vehicle. The incident was captured on surveillance cameras, which prompted security to contact law enforcement. 

LAPD approached the robber questioning what he was doing before he lied about owning the Porsche. The man then exited the car, started walking, then proceeded to run, engaging in a short chase before he was detained. The alleged intruder was booked and charged with the felony of attempted grand theft auto. His bail has been set to $85,000.

John Legend

Although John Legend faced an unfortunate situation, the singer still enjoyed his Thanksgiving holiday with his wife, a pregnant Chrissy Teigen, and their two children, Luna, 6, and Miles, 4.

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Luna, Miles

It seems as though the holiday season in Los Angeles has been stressful for some. As previously reported, Joie Chavisthe mother of Bow Wow’s 11-year-old daughter — recently shared that her home was burglarized. Joie Chavis said:

“I been kinda quiet the last few weeks just kinda like sad, I’m not gonna lie.”

The 34-year-old professional dancer continued:

“Somebody broke into my house two weeks ago and ever since then I just have been traumatized, for one because they broke in, broke all the glass, they cut themselves and left blood all throughout my house.”

Joie Chavis elaborated:

“Traumatized my daughter, she was like crying and all of that. You know, stole birkins, stole, you know, just stuff, material stuff that can be bought again but it’s just the principle. Never had that happen to me.”

Chavis, who also shares a son with rapper Future, added:

“You guys know I live in L.A. Right now it’s very crazy in L.A. — right now with the robberies. I was just so distraught and like so just emotional. So just like what the f*ck! That’s why I’ve been so quiet.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill