John Legend Says Kanye Was Angry He Supported Joe Biden Over His Presidential Run

Kanye West, John Legend

John Legend Says Kanye Was Angry He Supported Joe Biden Over His Presidential Run

John Legend recently opened up about his falling out with former friend Kanye West.

In a new interview with John Legend, the 43-year-old singer/song-writer got candid in the conversation, which he called his “favorite interview in a while.” During the appearance, the “All of Me” singer shed light on his friendship with rapper Kanye West, 45.

Kanye West

According to reports, John Legend said the two cut ties with one another because he backed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential election instead of the rapper, who ran as an independent. The musician shared,

“I don’t feel like politics should be everything in your relationships, and your relationships with people shouldn’t only be determined by who they voted for.”

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

He said,

“But I do believe that certain things you believe in are indicators of your character, and obviously that will affect your friendships.”

John doubled down on his belief that politics aren’t the end-all, be-all of his relationships. The professional singer/pianist continued,

“I don’t want to live a life that’s so consumed by politics that it’s the sole determinant of who can be my friend and who can’t. But values matter and character matters and moral compass matters.”

The father-of-three explained,

“I don’t know what will happen [with Kanye] in the future, but he was very upset with me that I didn’t support him and I supported Joe Biden. It’s up to him whether he can get past that.”

John Legend

As previously reported, John addressed the pair’s falling out before and confirmed that he and Kanye West are no longer close. However, he denied the friendship ended because of Kanye’s support for former President Donald Trump. He said,

“I don’t think we’re less friends because of the Trump thing, I just think we’re doing our own thing. He’s up in Wyoming. I’m here in L.A. We’ve both got growing families and I no longer have a formal business relationship with him as an artist, so I think it’s just part of the natural cycle of life…we’re in different places.”

Donald Trump

The artists’ controversial April 2018 exchange seemingly appears to be the nail in the coffin of their friendship. Kanye tweeted screenshots of text messages between him and John, in which he tried to convince Kanye to stop supporting Donald Trump.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely