Young Thug — Prosecutors Want Video Cameras Banned From Courtroom During RICO Trial Due To Witness Safety Concerns

Young Thug

Young Thug — Prosecutors Want Video Cameras Banned From Courtroom During RICO Trial Due To Witness Safety Concerns

The RICO trial for Young Thug may not have any cameras inside the courtroom.

Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, has filed a motion to forbid videotaping of Young Thug’s trial on the grounds that doing so might cause problems for the case’s witnesses, AllHipHop reported.

Willis said,

“Several witnesses have expressed safety concerns to the State and they are concerned about the safety of themselves and their families should they choose to testify. The State is concerned that video recordings of witnesses’ and victims’ faces could endanger these individuals’ safety.”

Willis stated that the state is also worried about the impact on due process and the truth-finding function of the court proceeding but had no issues with audio recordings of the trial. However, if witnesses are aware that they are being videotaped and that their testimony may endanger their personal safety, they may be hesitant to testify and give complete information.

She added,

“Permitting an audio recording while prohibiting video recording will protect the safety of witnesses and other associated parties while still recognizing and supporting this State’s policy favoring open judicial proceedings. This Court has the discretion to determine whether or not to allow electronic and photographic coverage of the proceedings; the State simply asks this Court to prohibit video recording of the trial, while permitting audio recordings so the process will remain open to the public.”

Young Thug (real name Jeffery Williams) and Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchens) were two of the 28 suspected YSL gang members/associates who were detained earlier this year and charged with various racketeering offenses.

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Prosecutors cited their rap lyrics as evidence in the case, prompting several influential people to speak out against such actions, including Stacy Abrams and music executive Kevin Liles.

Young Thug – California Passes A Rap Lyrics Bill That Will Ban The Use Of Lyrics As Evidence Following YSL RICO Indictment

As previously reported, their trial is scheduled to begin in January 2023, and prosecutors are expected to call more than 300 witnesses to the stand.

Despite being locked up, Young Thug and Gunna are nominated for two Grammy Awards: One for Best Rap Performance and the other in the Best Rap Song category for their hit “Pushin P.” And in unrelated news, the duo was also among several artists who were recently victims of a massive music leak.

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