Snoop Dogg & Master P Claim They’re Being Forced To Rebrand Their Cereal ‘Snoop Loopz’: We’ve Built A National Brand & Disrupted The Cereal Industry

Master P, Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg & Master P Claim They’re Being Forced To Rebrand Their Cereal ‘Snoop Loopz’: We’ve Built A National Brand & Disrupted The Cereal Industry

Snoop Dogg and Master P apparently have the breakfast foods industry shook.

In a video posted to Instagram on Thursday (Dec. 8), the No Limit CEO and the Death Row owner disclosed they are searching for a new name for their Snoop Loopz cereal brand following attempts by unnamed competitors to have their product pulled from shelves.

They accused the industry of being “scared” and attempting to hinder their growth.

Snoop Dogg

According to their caption,

“So they don’t want us to use Snoop Loopz on our cereal box even though that’s that’s my name. We’ve built a national brand and disrupted the cereal industry, we did it with hard work and integrity. I know they’re uncomfortable and scared.”

The caption continued,

“Our mission is to build diversity and economic empowerment. Times have changed. There’s enough room for all of us to be successful. This is bigger than us, we are fighting for the next generation of entrepreneurs. We’re no longer just being consumers, we’re educating the culture building our own brands, and passing down generational wealth.”

The rap veterans stressed that Snoop Loopz was created to offer their communities economic opportunities, diversity in the cereal market, and a fun and wholesome breakfast option.

But, according to Master P, the industry doesn’t want to see African-American business owners establish themselves in the marketplace.

Master P

He said,

“They try to take us off the shelves, they want to ban us. When you look at these big companies and all these big old brands, they just ain’t used to seeing African-American owners of cereals. This been happening for over a hundred years; we’re just trying to add some diversity into the stores.”

The pair remained mum about which brand(s) are pressuring them to rename Snoop Loopz, but it’s speculated to be Kellogg’s, whose Froot Loops cereal bears a similar name and emblem.

Regardless, it appears that they have agreed to drop the Snoop Loopz moniker and have invited their fans to suggest a new name for the Broadus Foods cereal brand they introduced this past summer.

Some of the proposals made in the comments section included “Snoopy Snacks,” “Snoop Hoops,” “Ring Ding Dongs,” “Sugar Snoops,” and “Wake n Snoops.”

Previously, Snoop Dogg and Master P worked with the Future Healers Program to assist 10-year-old Malakai Roberts in publishing his forthcoming book, Adventures with Malakai. The young child was blinded at age five by stray bullets that hit his family’s home.

Master P previously shared,

“It’s going to be incredible for the kids. I mean, cause we want kids to know how to overcome adversity and by him losing his eyesight with the tragedies he’s been through, this has been incredible to be able to write a book with Malakai.”

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Authored by: S. G.