SZA Admits To Underestimating New ‘SOS’ Album: I Never Thought In A Million Years That People Would Like It


SZA Admits To Underestimating New ‘SOS’ Album: I Never Thought In A Million Years That People Would Like It

SZA is shocked by the success of her long-overdue sophomore album.

In a recent interview SZA, real name Solána Imani Rowe, was candid about how she felt watching her newly-dropped album “SOS’ top the music charts, making her Spotify’s No. 1 artist in the world. SZA, who released “SOS” on Dec. 9, said:

“I never thought in a million years that people would like it.”

The 33-year-old continued:

“My dad’s visiting right now, with my mom. Everybody came down to make sure I didn’t lose my mind if the album went bad once it came out. And now we’re just hanging out, ’cause it didn’t go badly!”


The “I Hate U” singer revealed that she felt doubt prior to her album’s release but decided to just “get it over with.” She claimed:

“It happened probably just a few times, like maybe up until the last week, when I texted [my label] and was like, ‘We don’t have to put this out. We could just pull out and move it to January. We can just let this go.'”

SZA added:

“And then part of me was just like, I just wanna get it over with. I wanna meet my own fate. If n—– hate it, then great. I can never do music again. And I told my engineer, we’ll move to India, and we’ll live on an ashram, and we’ll take a vow of silence, and that’s it… And it is also really scary that it didn’t go that way because I’m like, now what do I do? And what does this actually mean and when do the tides turn? When does everyone decide that they hate me again or that this sucks?”

She then shared:

“And that’s unhealthy. That’s something I need to talk to my therapist about.”

SZA previously opened up about the LP shortly before its release. At the time, she said:

“The sound is a little bit of literally everything. It’s a little angry as an overview, but some of it is really beautiful and soft and heartfelt. It’s about heartbreak, it’s about being lost, it’s about being pissed.”

She explained:

“It’s my first album in five years, so I’m ready to be a different person and step into this new part of my life. Really exemplify who this character is and get to know myself better while everyone else gets to know me live at the same time.”


SZA’s sophomore album dropped the same day as an interview where she was asked about her former relationship with her ex-beau Drake.

As previously reported, during a “Saturday Night Live” episode, KeKe Palmer and “SNL” comedians performed a skit announcing the launch of “United Tingz of Aubrey,” a class-action lawsuit of the Canadian rapper’s exes.  SZA was asked about the skit and she said:

“In a strange way, I was like, ‘Did they know?’…But they didn’t ask me to be in it. Nobody said anything,”

She continued, comparing Drizzy to “Mean Girl’s” character Regina George:

“I feel like Drake has a Regina George quality to him where it’s just kind of like, ‘Have you or anyone you know been personally victimized?’ He’s like a cool kid, you know. When you’re the popular kid in school, it’s entertaining. It’s entertaining, but you sometimes are taking losses in the midst of that entertainment.”

 SZA added:

“We’re cool. And we’ve always been cool…It’s never been weird…Anytime he’s ever mentioned me, it’s always been positive. He’s never said anything negative about me. I’m grateful for that. I think highly of him…He’s King Drake.”

Drake, SZA

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill