Takeoff — Judge Denies Request To Lower $1 Million Bond For Rapper’s Murder Suspect

Takeoff, Patrick Xavier Clark

Takeoff — Judge Denies Request To Lower $1 Million Bond For Rapper’s Murder Suspect

Patrick Clark, the man accused of murdering Migos rapper Takeoff, will not be getting his bond lowered for a second time.

Houston judge Josh Hill is reportedly concerned that Clark, 33, is a flight risk and ruled that he remain in jail on a $1 million bond, despite requests from his attorneys.

Letitia Quinones, Clark‘s attorney, said,

“We’re very surprised by [that decision].”

She added,

“A couple of weeks ago, the judge laid out some conditions and requirements he wanted the defense to meet. We believe we’ve satisfied each one of those requirements.”

The original bond amount for Clark was $2 million, but the defense argued that was unlawful because he couldn’t afford it.

Patrick Xavier Clark

During a prior court appearance, the judge reduced the amount to $1 million, although some talks claimed that even that reduced amount would be beyond Clark’s means.

The judge decided that Clark had previously expressed an ability to post an even higher bail amount and that there were bail bond businesses willing to assume that risk. For that reason, he denied the plea to reduce the bond from $1 million to $300,000. Concerns were voiced by the prosecution that Clark wasn’t being honest about all of his financial resources. They believe he has significantly more money than he admits. Defense lawyers may appeal the ruling if they wish.

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In the meantime, Clark‘s passport, which he was carrying at the time of his arrest earlier this month, was turned in to the court. In addition, Judge Hill wants to assign him GPS tracking through a specific bond business so that they can promptly contact him if the terms of his bail are broken.

As previously reported, Takeoff (real name Kirsnick Khari Ball) was shot to death on Nov. 1 while at a bowling alley in Houston. Several people were present, including his uncle Quavo, also a member of the Migos. Police said Takeoff was an innocent bystander in a crowd of people near an argument over a dice game, which led to the shooting.

Quavo, Takeoff, Offset

Clark allegedly had a revolver in one hand and a wine bottle in another when he was shown on camera shooting his firearm, according to detectives working the case. Takeoff is said to have been hit by the bullets. Detectives claim that the fingerprints on that wine bottle helped officials identify the suspect.

In addition, authorities claim that Clark looked up information on the case online as well as related searches for his name and age. However, his lawyer asserts that the client was unaware of his status as the main suspect in the rapper’s killing.

According to the prosecutors, Clark intended to leave the country after getting an expedited passport and poses a threat to the community. Letitia Quinones, his attorney, disagrees.

She said,

“We plan to take every remedy available by law for Mr. Clark. It’s the high-profile nature of this case that’s really affected the constitutional rights of Mr. Clark.”

The suspect’s family is prepared to use their home in the Houston region as collateral, according to Clark‘s attorney, in order to get him out of jail on bond. Mark Metze, a bail bondsman, said the family has already taken care of the co-signing need for a bond issued by a bondsman if the amount is reduced.

Clark could reportedly be released from behind bars 24 to 48 hours from Thursday (Dec. 29) if his attorneys fulfill a few additional requests from the judge.

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