Joe Budden & N.O.R.E Take Shots At Rappers Who Failed At Podcasting

Joe Budden, N.O.R.E

Joe Budden & N.O.R.E Take Shots At Rappers Who Failed At Podcasting


It looks like Joe Budden and N.O.R.E are throwing some major shade.

During a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, host Joe Budden and his guest star N.O.R.E had an interesting conversation about rappers who have failed at being podcast hosts. While the men did not name who they were referring to, they did not hold back on their opinions.

N.O.R.E began,

“You know what’s crazy, I’m looking at these rappers trying shows now–rappers from our era and they are so failing… They’re doing sports shows, doing comedy shows. “


Joe Budden interjected,

They are selling a** out here, they are selling their a**.”

Joe Budden

N.O.R.E continued,

“They get a computer, they get two cameras, and then they come out for three weeks. When their six episodes don’t work they start to rethink it..They come out with another show, and then that’s trash. And then they start cooking.”

The Drink Champs host added,

“Y’all looking horrible out here. I feel sorry for some of y’all. “

While the men got a kick out of making fun of their peers, many fans weren’t pleased with their commentary and felt they weren’t being humble.

One person wrote,

“But didn’t yall start podcasting because yall music not giving”

Another person said,

“It’s crazy how they talk mess like this when in a blink of an eye it can all be taken from them. Literally!!”

See reactions below:

Joe Budden is no stranger to sharing his opinion and being controversial.

As previously reported, rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden, 42, recently found himself in the hot seat for saying a few ill remarks about Megan Thee Stallion. During an episode of his podcast, he made it very clear that he “doesn’t like” the 27-year-old rapper and alleged that he’s seen her do “horrible things to some really great people.” Reportedly, he also claimed the “Anxiety” rapper lied during her testimony.

While airing out his issues with MeganBudden claimed his distaste for the Texas native has nothing to do with her legal battle against Tory Lanez, 30. In part, he said,

“That aside, I’m talking about her and what she’s chosen to do professionally. I want to be clear; I don’t know her as a person.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole