‘BMF’ Star Lil Meech & ‘Power’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. Take Jabs At Each Other In Hilarious Social Media Exchange

Lil Meech, Michael Rainey Jr

‘BMF’ Star Lil Meech & ‘Power’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. Take Jabs At Each Other In Hilarious Social Media Exchange

The actors who star in 50 Cent’s biggest production are going at each other again.

In a recent back and forth, “BMF” star Lil Meech and “Power” star Michael Rainey Jr. joked about each other’s Starz series, leading to funny reactions from real life BMF member Big Meech as well as 50 himself.

It seems Lil Meech, born Demetrius Flenory Jr., started the joke fest after reacting to a post from Curtis ‘50 Cent‘ Jackson. Ahead of the “Power Book II:Ghost” season 3 premiere next month, the New York native took to instagram writing:

“@michaelraineyjr on some sh*t, he said where you at @lilmeechbmf ? I like all of this sh*t, my young boys UP, Yo how my little homies,bigger than your BIG homie fool!”

In response Lil Meech, who portrays his father – BMF member Big Meech in the Starz series, wrote:

“I’m Working On Being Immortal 5 @50cent These Guys Still Mortal… Let’s Go To Lunch Later I’ll Give U Some Free Game @michaelraineyjr”

Right on cue, Rainey – who has starred in versions of the mega successful “Power” series since its debut in 2014 – left in the comments section:

“Free game is crazy Who the f*ck is writing ya captions? you a beginner , i know it’s tough wanting to be Michael keep grinding tho Lil bro”


“N How you working on being immortal but ya show dead ? ?? March 17 we gon show you how it’s done ok take notes”

Neither Meech nor Rainey are strangers to a good internet trolling session. The Starz actors often engage in social media banter around the time one or both of shows have release dates forthcoming. The fake beef, derived from acting and rating comparisons, has become a sort of tradition that social media users often seem humored by.

Shortly after Meech’s post, Rainey rebutted on his own instagram page, writing:

“Someone tell @lilmeechbmf go get some more acting lessons before season 3 sh*t looking mediocre over there… @50cent you really got this kid thinking he can FW me I’m disappointed”

With 50 adding:

“oh no they are fighting again. when i find out who started this im gonna wait, i’m just gonna watch Im not gonna do sh*t!”

50 Cent

The exchange also led to a cameo roast from Big Meech himself. Lil Meech posted a short video clip of his jailed father unapologetically clowning Tariq from “Power”, played by Rainey. Speaking on the show, which he is somehow able to watch while serving a reduced 30-year prison sentence, Big Meech stated:

“[Tariq] don’t got no car, no jewelry, no place to stay…like what is you doing it for?…he always in trouble on the show. Who the f*ck wanna go to college and be like him?”

Rainey of course had to leave his final thoughts in the videos comment section.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson