R. Kelly’s Lawyer Reacts To Latest His Indictment For Sexual Abuse Of A Minor Charges: We Look Forward To The Day He Is Free

R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Reacts To Latest His Indictment For Sexual Abuse Of A Minor Charges: We Look Forward To The Day He Is Free

The list of charges against R. Kelly is continually growing and his lawyer has publicly taken issue with the newest one.

Steve Greenberg tweeted after news of a new federal indictment against R. Kelly:

“We are aware of the superseding indictment. We continue to fight for him and look forward to the day he is free #notguilty #rkelly

It was previously reported that R. Kelly was hit with a new federal indictment concerning new accusations of sexual abuse of a minor. The disgraced R&B singer spent Valentine’s Day getting charged in an indictment with several child pornography charges and other related offenses, according to CNN. 

R. Kelly

He’s already up against several related charges and is currently in jail in Chicago awaiting his trial, and the latest group of charges are almost identical to the initial ones (his trial was supposed to start on April 27, but could be pushed back thanks to the new charges). In the most recent charges, he’s alleged to have sexually abused a teenage girl who is acknowledged as Minor 6. The two reportedly met in the late 90s, when the alleged victim was 14 or 15. He’s accused of allegedly abusing her for four years.

At the same time, another female victim, who was identified as Minor 2 in the initial paperwork, was not listed with the other victims in the indictment.

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The new indictment wants seizure of R. Kelly’s production company, Bass Productions, and a second company his ex-business manager Derrel McDavid, who’s a co-defendant in the case, owns.

R.Kelly Mugshot

Steve Greenberg also spoke out against the indictment and told CNN, 

“The allegations seem to be more of the same old, same old. And just like with the past allegations we dispute them. We look forward to Robert’s day in court, to his trial and to the day that he can walk free.”

Meanwhile, R. Kelly is still facing five counts in the U.S. District Court in New York. Those charges include sexual exploitation of a child, forced labor, kidnapping and violations of the Mann Act after he allegedly took part in a form of sex trafficking.

R. Kelly maintains his innocence.

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Authored by: Char Patterson