Lil Yachty Launches Nail Polish Brand Crete For ‘All Genders’

Lil Yachty Launches Nail Polish Brand Crete For ‘All Genders’

Rapper Lil Yachty has announced the launch of his unisex nail polish brand Crete. The brand was curated to make nail painting accessible and approachable for everyone, men in particular. Crete comes at a time when non-binary individuals, men and women, and other gender non-conforming people are openly expressing dissent for the confines of gender constructs.

The Atlanta Rapper shared in the press release for Crete:

“If you find painting your nails is a way to show your creative side or it’s an aesthetic that fits you, you shouldn’t be judged for it.”

He went on to say:

“Outside opinion shouldn’t have an effect on your aesthetic and whatever you decide to do and this line is a reflection of that.”

He announced the line on Instagram with the caption,

“I’d like to introduce my new nail paint line @crete__co …. FIRST COLOR DROP MAY 21. 4 ALL GENDERS. FOR YOU, NOT THEM!”

According to Dazed Digital: Lil Yachty first announced Crete in December, in response to 17-year-old Trevor Wilkinson being suspended from his Texas high school for having painted nails. In defense of Wilkinson, Lil Yachty stated:

” If someone wants to express themselves in any type of way, as long as it’s not harming anyone or bringing anyone down, they should be allowed to do so. You shouldn’t be punished or tormented for doing you.”

He added that he hopes this brand helps men feel more comfortable in their own skin. In 2020, he commented:

“It’s about to be 2021-come on, what are barriers? We still have barriers?”

In 2019, rapper A$AP Rocky expressed in a Vogue interview that he feels like manicures need to be more acceptable among men.

“I feel like men should be able to do nail art without feeling feminine.”

A$AP Rocky

With Crete, Lil Yachty is pushing that acceptance a step further. The nail polish brand will be available for purchase on May 21st and will debut with the “Negatives 001” collection. The color ranges featured with the collection will be in the shades of white, light grey, and black. The packaging will be a sleek pen-like design.


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Authored by: MiMi James