Busta Rhymes – Fan Is Happy For Attention She’s Received After Rapper Threw Drink At Her For Touching His Butt: ‘I Worked Hard For This Type Of Clout’

Busta Rhymes – Fan Is Happy For Attention She’s Received After Rapper Threw Drink At Her For Touching His Butt: ‘I Worked Hard For This Type Of Clout’

Busta Rhymes, Nikita Mathis

Busta Rhymes – Fan Is Happy For Attention She’s Received After Rapper Threw Drink At Her For Touching His Butt: ‘I Worked Hard For This Type Of Clout’

A fan tried to show Busta Rhymes a little too much love on Valentine’s Day. 

The Brooklyn rapper has yet to respond to the viral video posted on Tuesday (Feb. 14) of himself throwing a drink on a woman after she tried to get his attention by grabbing his butt. In the video, Busta Rhymes is seen walking with his posse backstage after headlining a Las Vegas Magic Show, when the woman, Nikita Mathis, reaches around his crew to grab the rapper’s butt. After she grabs the “Touch It” rapper he throws his drink in her face, leaving bystanders in shock. 

After the incident, Nikita Mathis released a statement admitting she was fangirling and shouldn’t have invaded Busta Rhymes’ space. Early Wednesday (Feb. 15) she went live on Facebook boasting about her business sales increasing since the incident.  Nikita Mathis said:

“I worked hard for this type of clout, okay? And I got it authentically.”

She then claimed that prior to the incident, Busta spotted her in the back of the audience of his show as he poured champagne for fans standing in the front of the stage. Mathis alleged the rapper called her up and poured her a drink. After the concert, she spotted Busta backstage, and in the heat of the moment, she assumed they were cool and grabbed his butt.

Busta Rhymes

Mathis admitted:

“I’m a fan, okay? I been a fan and I did touch him, okay? I’m gonna take ownership on that, but was I trying to sexually touch him? No.”

She added:

“I was trying to get his attention ‘cause I thought perhaps I could get a picture.”

According to the Chicago Illinois native, takes pride in being close to celebrities and has pictures in her store with many stars, including; Joe Jackson, Chris Brown, Bob Marley’s family, Russell Simmons, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Juelz Santana, and Young Jeezy.

Nikita Mathis

She continued:

“He literally launched a drink, right in my face, splash!”

Mathis alleged Busta’s body language showed a sign of regret when he turned around and saw who he threw a drink on, seemingly remembering giving her a drink during his show. Mathis said the star then yelled:

“Don’t do that! Don’t do that!”

She also said Busta was upset at security for letting her get that close to him. She then showed excitement about the amount of social media engagement that she’s been receiving due to the incident. She added:

“Moral of the story is I shouldn’t have touched that man. I shouldn’t have touched him no where not at all. People don’t want to be touched, I understand that but he’s Busta Rhymes!”

In addition, Mathis described the infamous encounter to be a “gift and a curse” and also said if the roles were reversed she wouldn’t press charges on Busta:

“No the hell I wouldn’t. I’d be talking about ‘Busta touched my butt.’”

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This isn’t the first time Busta showed a fan he wasn’t fond of people touching him. As previously reported, last summer he stopped his show and went off on a woman who seemingly kept grabbing him while he was performing. A concertgoer captured a woman attempting to touch the “Break Ya Neck” rapper and in retaliation, he smacked her hand and abruptly stopped the concert. After asking the crowd to back up, he proceeded to question the woman and her boyfriend. He said:

“That’s your girl? What kinda sh*t you on letting her continue to grab me up. I’m a grown man, I’ll f*ck your girl, bro. But I don’t wanna f*ck your girl, I got a good woman at home.”  
Busta added:
“Tame your girl. This is a weird thing. Weird ties. She touched me and sh*t. Ya’ll got ya’ll little funny a** camera phones and sh*t and I don’t agree with that. She might do some police sh*t. I’m not with it.”

Despite the recent incident, Busta, born Trevor George Smith Jr., has been seen spreading the love in the past weeks. As previously reported, the 50-year-old took the stage at this year’s Grammy Awards in celebration of five decades of hip-hop. He performed his legendary verse from Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now,” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” alongside Spliff Star.


Was Busta Rhymes wrong for throwing the drink in Nikita Mathis’ face? Tell us below.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill