Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Says The Notorious B.I.G’s Murder Wasn’t A Drive-By: The Stories They Tell Is Not Truthful

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Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Says The Notorious B.I.G’s Murder Wasn’t A Drive-By: The Stories They Tell Is Not Truthful


Diddy’s former bodyguard claims The Notorious B.I.G wasn’t killed in a drive-by shooting.

While speaking to the Art of DialogueGene Deal challenged the belief that Biggie was murdered from a drive-by and says that the car was awaiting the rapper “all night.”

During the interview, Deal says it’s difficult for him to watch documentaries and movies on the late rapper due to the “lies” that are being portrayed.

“It just hurts because they lie too much. A lot of that sh*t be lies the way they put it together ’cause they listening to these white boys who wasn’t even there. I don’t want to make this racial, but they take these white boys who wasn’t even there and want to use the stories that they want to tell, which is not the truth. Wasn’t no drive-by. The car was standing there at the corner. The stories they tell is not truthful. And now people are sitting here believing.”

The bodyguard added,

“Every Biggie movie that you see, they say it’s a drive-by. When the witness tells you the car was stood right there at the corner — the car was probably there all night.”


Gene Deal began to recall the night Biggie died.

“I saw this kid lose his life — this kid died while I was pulling him out of the car. I wouldn’t put nobody in my shoes ’cause I don’t feel like they could handle it. If I didn’t have God in my life, if I didn’t have people praying for me, I don’t know if I could have handled it.”

He continued,

“Before we left Andre Harrell’s house, Puff told me I didn’t have to go. Now, I went because I knew that somebody was going to die that night, somebody was going to get shot. I did everything in my power to stop it from being Puff, and it wasn’t Puff.”

He went on to say that Biggie’s bodyguard did not do enough to help protect the rapper from being killed.

 “The people that was bodyguarding Big didn’t do everything in their power to stop it from being Big — and that hurts me, even though it wasn’t my principle. Every time you hear his music, every time you see one of these murals on the wall, now they got statues… it’s gon’ hurt until God takes me away from here.”

The Brooklyn native was killed in a drive-by shooting on March 9, 1997, at the young age of 24. He reportedly attended a Soul Train Awards after-party along with artists Faith EvansAaliyah, and members of the Bloods and Crips gang the night of his murder. Law enforcement shut the event down due to overcrowding, prompting Biggie and his entourage to leave in two GMC Suburbans to return to his hotel. Shortly after, he was shot four times.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole