Ouch! Freddie Gibbs Performs With Swollen Eyes After Allegedly Getting Jumped By Benny The Butcher Associates [VIDEO]

Freddie Gibbs, Benny The Butcher

Ouch! Freddie Gibbs Performs With Swollen Eyes After Allegedly Getting Jumped By Benny The Butcher Associates [VIDEO]

The beef between Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher seems to have escalated into a physical altercation.

Hours before performing at his Space Rabbit Tour, a twitter user claims to have witnessed rapper Freddie Gibbs get jumped at a Buffalo, N.Y. restaurant. The assailants are suspected to be associates of Freddie Gibbs fellow rapper and Buffalo native Benny The Butcher. Reportedly, the user shared video and gave details of the alleged altercation. In a series of now deleted tweets, the user wrote:

“just saw Freddie Gibbs get beat up and his chain took while I was eating in buffalo Ny @FreddieGibbs @Akademiks @WORLDSTAR #explore #WSHH”

The supposed witness also stated that the Indiana rapper’s chain was stolen during the incident writing:

“Freddie Gabbs chain was snatched doing the video tell DJ ak to hit me up then I’ll upload the video everybody tagged him”

In the video, you can see a quite a number of the pursuers target the person suspected to be Freddie. At the 39 second mark, it sounds like someone is yelling:

“Get up Freddie!”


Photos that surfaced of the musician giving his performance at Town Ballroom seemingly confirm that he’d recently been roughed up. Freddie took to the stage wearing a ski-mask that only slightly disguised his puffed up eyes.

Apparently, the beef began after Benny The Butcher was asked about his previous collaborations with Freddie. During the interview Benny, who has two collab records with Freddie, responded:

“[it] came and went”

The “Built For This” rapper subsequently took to his social media stating:

“Just keep my name out y’all mouth when y’all talking to people or doing interviews”

Though Benny nor Freddie have publicly commented about the altercation, Freddie did address the alleged stolen chain. In a twitter video verbally datemarked after the incident, Freddie shows the supposed stolen chains, denying they were taken stating:

“Produce the stolen rabbit. Produce the stolen jewelry that you say that you got n****a” 

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Authored by: Kay Johnson