Ex-NFL Star Zac Stacy Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison For Brutal Attack On Former Girlfriend, Victim Speaks Out In Support Of Athlete: I Didn’t Advocate For Jail Because The Lack Of Resources

Ex-NFL Star Zac Stacy Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison For Brutal Attack On Former Girlfriend, Victim Speaks Out In Support Of Athlete: I Didn’t Advocate For Jail Because The Lack Of Resources


Former NFL star Zac Stacy has been sentenced to prison for violently attacking his ex-girlfriend.

Zac Stacy was sentenced to six months in prison and a year of probation by an Orange County judge.

Stacy reportedly pled guilty to two counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief earlier this month, and his three counts of domestic violence battery were dropped as part of his plea agreement.

As previously reported, Stacy was arrested in November of 2021 for brutally beating his ex-girlfriend/mother of his child, Kristin Evans. The disturbing incident was caught on video.

In an affidavit, police said Stacy

“struck [her] on the right side of her head, and picked her up and threw her against the television, causing it to crack and fall over.” 

Zac Stacy

The affidavit continued,

“He continued yelling at her and striking her while she got up from the floor, and picked her up again and threw her into the baby’s bouncy chair. While she was still on the floor pleading for him to stop, he picked her up and body-slammed her onto a baby walker, causing the object to break.”

In his conversation with Orlando police on the night of his arrest, which was captured on a body camera, he stated:

“It’s just a case of just bitterness, man. That’s why she did this. The whole assault thing, she staged it. She set me up.”

He continued:

“The whole thing was staged. All she’s trying to do is get money out of me. She got a reaction out of me.”

Shortly after the video made its rounds on the internet, Kristin Evans uploaded a response to her Instagram story. In response to her Ex’s accusation, she said:

“I don’t know how you can stage getting your a** beat…This is what abusers do. They will make you seem like you’re the crazy one and that they’re the victim.”

She highlighted the police officers’ alleged consoling behavior towards Zac Stacy in the video and added:

“Everything about this makes me uncomfortable.”

Now, the mother of his child is singing a different tune. Kristen Evans is now speaking out in support of the athlete and is claiming he’s changed. According to Evans, therapy has helped Stacy for the better.

In an Instagram video shared on Tuesday (Feb. 28), Kristen Evans said she is against Zac Stacy going to jail because it would not provide him the resources he would need to get better and improve his mental health.

In her video, she said,

“Through cognitive behavioral therapy, he was able to make a significant adjustment in his behavior and communication. And over the last six months, he’s consistently shown an improvement as well as our son enjoying spending time with him.”

Evans added she is also against Stacy serving jail time as it could have an impact on their child’s mental health.

She captioned her post,

“Jail does not offer resources needed for mental health patients. It is not rehabilitative. The jail and prison system is a punishment in an authoritarian society made to oppress.
I didn’t advocate for jail because the lack of resources, the lack of rehabilitation, the lack of education for mental health, and the psychological effect it may have on our son, having already developed a relationship with his father.

Our son consistently FaceTimed his dad several times a week, he spends the entire weekend every other weekend, and he deserves to have that.
So please give me some grace in understanding that I’m not being easy on Zac, rather I am trying to protect our son from anymore trauma.

Nothing is black and white and not every abuser is the same. People who are willing to put in work to be better, deserve an opportunity to show that they can be better.
Especially with a diagnosable mental illness and significant head trauma caused by Football.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole